Carta Blanca not an enemy of the police

The issue of police corruption is current, after several members of the institution of order were involved in cases of murders of civilians, away from criminal life. A situation that has even caused the change of director of the National Police, and the cinema, as a reflection of reality, re-recreates it in Pedro Urrutia’s “Carta Blanca”, starring Pepe Sierra, and which opens this Thursday twenty-one.

“The film is not the enemy of the police,” says the interpreter, and what the film does is deal with a real issue, something that is happening.

The face of this actor is familiar to the public since he appeared in the movie “Pueto pa´mí” (Iván Herrera, 2015), in his nice interpretation of the “tiguere” called Cacheo.

Sierra returns to the street, to the neighborhood, to the violence represented by the underworld of the popular sectors of Santo Domingo, in this, Urrutia’s second production, and in which, as in his first film, “Codigo Paz ”(2014), handles a story set in the world of crime.

In it Sierra plays Manuel Mena, who in the neighborhood is known as Patron, while as a police officer, he is one of those in charge of eliminating criminals who have crossed the line and are, as it is popularly said, “ they are hot ”.

In conversation with this newspaper, the actor, who graduated from the National School of Dramatic Art (ENAD) in 2006, explained the process of the construction of this role, for which he relied on real people, whom he knew. Among them corrupt police officers and neighborhood criminals.
One of the details that he copied from the latter, for his interpretation of Patron, was the fact that, although they were capable of killing in cold blood, they also showed sensitivity to street children, whom they urged to study and be better.

Although acting is undoubtedly his thing, Sierra is also a medical degree, and when referring to the specialty that he would have liked to do, he does not hesitate and says psychiatry. “Psychiatrists bring people out of hell,” he says, as he considers mental illness to be the worst ailment that human beings can experience.