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Top 3 Professional Performers

How Long Does it Take to Get Boating License in Ontario

Boating is a pleasurable experience to have, be it a calm sail through the seas alone or with your loved ones, or a cruise party. A boating license can give you the freedom to explore local attractions, islands, and lighthouses. There are plenty of lakes in Ontario that connect several water bodies and are available ...


Karim Benzema faces five years in prison in sextape blackmail case

Karim Benzema faces five years in prison, but has far more to lose than a theoretical sentence to which he will probably never be sentenced. Can he get through this legal ordeal while preserving a dearly acquired status in blue? If the Real Madrid striker had not been reconvened by Didier Deschamps, after a long ...


Carta Blanca not an enemy of the police

The issue of police corruption is current, after several members of the institution of order were involved in cases of murders of civilians, away from criminal life. A situation that has even caused the change of director of the National Police, and the cinema, as a reflection of reality, re-recreates it in Pedro Urrutia’s “Carta ...


2021 Nobel Prize for Literature novel read!

He collapsed at the feet of Hassalani the merchant, who had just returned from the mosque. He stirred the whole neighborhood, the healer arrived, then the bonesetter. No one knew where he came from, but because he had white skin, and we are in Zanzibar, in 1899, he was called the European, “mzunga”, a body ...