Catriona Kilkenny  Catriona Kinney Details about the Issued Warning

Do you want to know more about Catriona? Who is she? What is her connection to Careysfort Assets Estates Ltd. This article will provide you with the most accurate facts to help users search for the answers to these or similar questions.

Catriona is Careysfort Assets Estate Ltd’s sole director. This financial firm is based in Ireland. This woman was accused of illegal activities that were done in the name and glory of her company. Scroll down to learn more about Catriona Kinney and all the hype surrounding the topic!

Who are Catriona- The Kilkenny Businesswomen and Catriona?

Scroll down the internet to find information about financial firms and all the links for Catriona Cary, who directs her work, as well as the fraud she has committed.

Catriona, also known as Catriona Carey, is the Kilkenny woman. Careysfort Assets Estates Limited is her sole director. Her form and the hype surrounding her are that she is an unauthorised financial advisor who offers dangerous and unsafe services to her clients.

Catriona Carey Kilkenny:

Some readers may be curious about what Kilkenny is. Let me clarify: Kilkenny is a city located in the Republic of Ireland. Catriona Carey is based there. Her company is an English-registered financial institution with a London address.

Why is Careysfort Assets Estate Ltd so hyped?

After obtaining the information for the director or owner of the company and the details for its employees, The Central Bank recently warned the company that this was not authorised.

Catriona Kinney Details about the Issued Warning

We found out that Catriona’s company is not authorized to offer the financial services that it claims. This was according to official information available online. They also stated that the legislation covers the enforcement authorities.

The company does not have any official authorization details. It is a crime to operate without this authorization.

Catriona Cary Kilkenny has also defrauded more 15 people with a sum totaling around EUR500,000.

How did Catriona, her company and Scam People?

The company offered to buy distressed loans from customers at a discount price and would then sell them back to the original borrowers at the same price. The majority of the customers involved had to pay EUR15,000-EUR35,000 and some even paid EUR60,000.

Final Verdict:

Catriona Carey was charged with eight months of offering unauthorised services. The period has also been extended due to driving offenses. Catriona Kilkenny has been again charged with driving without a licence, increasing her sentence.