Cause of Death Gloria Sevilla Gloria Sevilla Demise:

Are you looking for the causes behind the demise of Filipino actress Gloria Sevilla? The followers and supporters of Gloria Sevilla in the Philippines and the United States were grieving when the news about her death was announced on social media.

The 90-year-old actress breathed their last breath on April 16, 2022 in her California house in California. The actress is well-known for her roles as a character in Visayan and Tagalog films. She also stayed busy by appearing in television series prior to the outbreak.

Based on our research on the internet Read on to learn what we know about cause of death Gloria Sevilla.

Gloria Sevilla Demise:

The actress passed away on the 16th of April, 2022 approximately 11 am as per an account on Facebook by the son of Dandin Ranillo. She died at the residence of her son in California and passed away peacefully asleep.

As per our research findings we found that no mention of disease or other reason was mentioned as the reason for her death. The daughter and son of her father thank everyone for their prayers for the soul of the deceased as condolence messages and personal tributes began to flood into the tributes to Gloria Sevilla. Her co-star and a host of other personalities from the film world also paid tribute to her.

Death Video Gloria Sevilla:

Certain videos of the actress have been published via YouTube along with Twitter of her final moments. These videos show she’s shown in her wheelchair at malls. The grandchildren of her were pushing in the wheelchair, and she smiled in the videos.

It’s an excellent reward for her fans since they can see the final moments of their favorite actress. The video you can see pictures of the members of her family. Gloria Sevilla relocated to America sometime in the past and her daughter Ranillio expressed her delight that they had the chance to spend some precious time together with Gloria Sevilla.

Cause of Death Gloria Sevilla:

Suzette Ranillo Suzette Ranillo, daughter of Gloria and Gloria, is an actor in America According Suzette, Gloria Sevilla passed away in peace at the house of her brother Jonathan. There is no other cause for her death has been mentioned by anyone in the family of the actress.

Sevilla was awarded the two FAMAS awards in the category of best actresses for her part as a character in Badlis Sa Kinabuhi and Gimingaw Ako. Sevilla was awarded the status of queen of Visayan Movie for her acting in Pailub Lang.

She also received an award called the FAMAS Award for her role as a supporting actor as a supporting actress in Madugong Paghihiganti. Her popularity grew in her home country due to her role in the films mentioned above. You can view the Death Video of Gloria Sevilla through clicking the link below.

Personal Life of Sevilla Gloria:

She got married Mat Ranillo Jr who had 5 children with him. Mat was called the King of Visayan movies in the year 1960. The four children of the couple work on the movie industry, as actors director, singers and singers.

Funeral services for Sevilla Gloriawill will be conducted in both America as well as in her home country by the Ranillo-Cortez family.

The final verdict

The queen of Visayan died peacefully on April 16th and her family thanked all for their support of their family. Film industry mourns the loss of one of the most renowned actors of all time.

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