Cedric Beastie Jones Death Cause And Obituary What Happened To Cedric Beastie Jones? How Did He Die?

Cedric Jones, a shining example of inspiration in the entertainment and fitness industry, passed away recently. Cedric Jones’ sudden death at age 46 leaves a legacy spanning film, television and a commitment towards community upliftment.

Who was Cedric Jones

Cedric Jones is more than an actor and personal trainer. He was a symbol for hope and resilience. Cedric Jones’ life, which he was born and raised in Compton California, wasn’t without trials. Cedric’s life journey, from homelessness to owning the acclaimed Beastie Boxing Gym in Manhattan Beach was marked by grit and determination.

He has made his mark on the entertainment industry, working with some of its top stars such as Chris Pratt. He appeared in “The Magnificent 7, “Southpaw”, Princess of the Row”, Marshall County”, and other notable films. Cedric’s soul was grounded beyond the glamour and glitz of Hollywood. He often described his co-stars like Pratt as “down to Earth”.

What happened to Cedric J. Jones?

Cedric’s sudden death shocked the fitness and entertainment communities. Out of respect for his family, which includes his wife Barbie Jones and their three children, the exact circumstances surrounding his death are not disclosed. His friends, colleagues and mentees expressed their deep sorrow and highlighted his positive outlook and the void that his death has created.

What happened to Cedric Jones?

Details surrounding Cedric Jones’ death remain private in accordance with his family’s wishes, so as to show respect and show their privacy during this difficult period.

Career Highlights

Cedric’s career has been diverse and influential. Cedric Jones’s career was diverse and impactful.

Cedric’s involvement in fitness extended beyond acting. Cedric’s gym, Beastie Boxing became popular among celebrities. But more importantly, his gym was a testament of his commitment to changing lives. His philosophy was rooted on empowerment and pushed individuals to achieve feats that they had previously thought impossible.

Early Life and Philanthropy

Cedric faced many challenges in his early years. As a homeless individual, he could succumb to despair. But his decision to pursue fitness as a means of personal and public improvement proved more than simply career wise; fitness provided invaluable assistance not just for himself but for many others as well.

Cedric’s dedication to social upliftment was reflected in the creation of the BMoved Foundation. Cedric’s foundation was created to encourage young boys and emphasize that all children, regardless of socio-economic status, have dreams and aspirations. Many of his mentees received athletic scholarships at prestigious universities such as Pepperdine and Tuskegee because of his genuine approach and hands-on care.


Cedric Jones lived a life of inspiration, filled with hope, determination and altruism. Cedric Jones was a true inspiration to all those he encountered in his life, and in his death. His multidisciplinary career and his unselfish volunteering in the community were both inspiring. Cedric was lost far too soon, but his memory will endure for generations.


  1. Who Was Cedric Jones
    Cedric J. Jones, an actor and personal trainer who owned the Beastie Boxing Gym in Manhattan Beach, was a member of the
  2. What happened to Cedric Jones?
    Cedric’s death occurred suddenly; details are kept private to respect his family.
  3. What movies did Cedric J. Jones appear in?
    Jones has appeared in “The Magnificent 7, “Southpaw”, “Princess of the Row” and “Marshall County,” as well as other films.
  4. What is Cedric’s relation with Chris Pratt
    The two worked on several films together. Cedric called Pratt ‘down-to-earth’ and said it was a pleasure to work with him.
  5. What contribution did Cedric Jones make to the community?
    He founded the BMoved Foundation, which helped many young people achieve their dreams and receive athletic scholarships.