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Are you aware of the tragic plane crash? Recently, Chinese Aircrafts was involved in a tragic accident within the South China Mountain. It was carrying around 132 people on Monday. The plane was destroyed in the Southern regions of China.

Numerous media outlets in both the United States and Indiahave reported on the tragic incident. According to our findings, the horrifying accident has claimed the lives of 132. The story is also posted on Wikipedia. But what exactly occurred? Let’s learn more about the China Crash Plane Wiki.

The Tragic Incident

Based on our investigation, the flight’s number was “China Boeing 737”. The flight was launched from Kunming at the time of 0511 GMT according to our study. The destination of the flight is Guangzhou airport. However, prior to this, the plane totally crashed down in Wuzhou in the mountains.

Based on the radar data the aircraft crashed from 29000 feet in the morning at 0620 GMT. As per the most recent update the altitude was 3220 feet. Following the tragedy was reported, Chinese officials dispatched an emergency team to the area of the accident. Additionally, an investigation has been underway to determine the root reason behind the incident.

China Plane Crash Video- The Recent Update

There are a number of photos released of the plane crash as in accordance with our investigation. The images show the plane crash. A lot of people posted the video through social networking sites. According to official reports there were 132 passengers aboard the plane.

A rescue group has begun the rescue effort. However, according to non-official sources, there’s the possibility that nobody would survive the accident. As of now authorities from the Chinese administration has also ordered an inquiry into the accident.

According to an official statement, there was no foreign passenger was present on the flight.

China Crash Plane Wiki- The Aftermath

The accident has shocked a lot of people, and the statements of both nations. The Chinese authorities have expressed their sincere sadness over the crash. However the Indian PM Narendra Damodar Bhai Modi expressed his sorrow over the accident.

On his private “twitter” handler, the Prime Minister of India prays for the deaths causes. In addition, the Indian PM also expressed his gratitude and condolences to families that were affected by the tragedy.

Chinese diplomat for India Sun Weidong expressed his gratitude for the Indian Prime Minister as well as the citizens of India to express his gratitude for the concern they show. Many media outlets have published- China Plane Crash Video.

Why the News is Trending

Our research suggests that the news is trending because of one reason or another. In the past few months, “Boeing Max 737” had been slated to enter the commercial market. However, a crash occurred that resulted in more than 132 deaths. Because of this, the story of the flight accident has been all over the news media.


Our research finds it that American Aviation Regulatory body “FAA” has stated that they will extend their assistance for Chinese authorities. Chinese authority. According to the “FAA”, in this crisis it is the FAA will provide any assistance to the investigation of China Crash Plane Wiki.