Chipper Wood Accident The Oshawa Chip Wood Accident

The Chipper Wood Accident was reported on Wednesday morning which was also watched by a few residents. Learn more here.

A worker who was injured accidentally died in Oshawa on the 16th of March 2022. The tragedy that has a lot of attention across the United Statesand Canada is often covered. It is reported that the Chipper Wood accident has led to controversy over the extent to which safety measures and precautions suffice to stop these kinds of harms.

Did there occur any flaw from the employer in ensuring security and taking measures to protect employees? This brings us into the depths of the accident and the numerous reports from Oshawa. There are some who have witnessed the incident unfold and whose stories are included in this report.

The Oshawa Chip Wood Accident

The purpose of this article is to provide you with information about the incident specifically, the way it occurred, what were the safety measures and how could be the wood chipper accident in at Oshawa be prevented. The incident occurred early in the morning, about 8:30 am Wednesday. An arborist was hired by the city under contract to remove an oak tree on the Waverley Rd.

The arborist began cutting however, suddenly, for unknown reasons it was unable to control the device and was partially pulled into the Wood Chipper. The people who saw it unfold reported that the arborist lost his control abruptly and stopped working, with blood gushing everywhere. The scene was extremely difficult for those who used social media to discuss the tragedy. A few people also documented the location of the accident.

Why Did the Chipper Wood Accident Happen?

The arborist worked for the company called Eco Tree Care and was hired by the city to remove some emerald-ash trees removed. The workers were working on the tree when they were injured when the accident took place. According to the police the incident was an accident that couldn’t be avoided by taking additional security measures. In normal situations, and no extra safety measures are employed.

The Ministry of Labour has constituted an inquiry panel to study the incident and hold the person responsible accountable as soon as possible. This is a good move to tackle Chipper Wood’s accident. Chipper Wood Accident.

The police on the spot of the accident that the arborist was killed immediately. This is confirmed by the witness statements of residents in the area who witnessed this incident taking place right in front of their eyeballs.


The accident that killed an arborist from Oshawa caused the creation of an investigation panel in the Ministry of Labour. The accident occurred after an arborist hired by the city for cutting some emerald ash trees accidently fell onto the Wood Chipper.

There are a few residents who were present and whose testimony is discussed below. The investigation report of the panel regarding the Chipper Wood Accident will take time. For more information, visit CTV News Toronto Arborist killed in Oshawa after an incident involving a wood chipper CTV CTV

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