Cholesterol is a fatty substance that can be found in the blood. Unhealthy cholesterol can increase the risk of health complications like stroke, heart disease etc. Your diet and what you eat can prevent the cholesterol level from rising rapidly. Cholesterol is an essential component of every cell in the body and it gives strength and flexibility to cell membranes. However, excess of anything is injurious to health. Here is a list of foods that you should completely avoid if you are troubled by high cholesterol levels, as well as which foods can help you maintain good cholesterol levels.

People with high cholesterol should avoid these foods

1. Sugar

Sugar has always been considered a white poison. Consuming it in excess has harmful effects on the body. Sweet treats such as cakes, pastries and other sweet components tend to have excessive sugar content. This leads to an increase in LDL as it is known as bad cholesterol.

2. French Fries

Deep Fry, Potato Stuffed French Fries are a favorite of all snacks. There can never be enough french fries. However, the favorite snack contains unhealthy amounts of oil and can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels. It is unhealthy for your health.

3. Cooked food

Processed food is the go-to. Processed food comes with convenience as it can be stored easily and is also economical. Along with this, processed food can be easily re-stacked. It sounds very tasty but it is very harmful for the body. People with high bad cholesterol level should avoid consuming such food.

Foods that you should include in your diet

Oats: A lot of people prefer oats as it is considered to be one of the best options. The presence of soluble fiber makes it easy and safe to eat. However, processed oats can increase the cholesterol level.

Nuts: Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, pecans etc. are helpful in managing cholesterol level. Contrary to popular belief, people with high cholesterol levels may prefer to eat nuts as it helps in increasing HDL, which is known as good cholesterol.

Okra: Also known as Bhindi, is a widely consumed vegetable. Okra are rich in fiber and a good source of antioxidants. With these healthy components, okra is cholesterol friendly and can be included in your diet.