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Are you interested in finding out more about Cissy Houston Do you want to learn more about her passing? This article will inform you about her death. In the United States, the news of the passing of the legend singer has been a hot topic.

This article will provide information about Cissy Harvey Dead .

Is Cissy Houston’s death true?

After people offered condolences for the loss of Cissy Houston’s family, Dionne Warwick, her niece, took to Twitter to confirm that Cissy was still alive. People began flooding social media with condolences and tributes following Earnest Pugh’s social media post about Cissy’s passing. Pugh deleted his original post after he discovered the wit of Warwick. People were confused and asked Did Cissy Harris Die. After the twit of Warwick, however, the truth was revealed to everyone. People learned the truth after Dionne, her niece, revealed the truth.

Who’s Cissy Houston?

American gospel singer Emily “Cissy” Houston has been a legend. Houston began her solo career after a long career as a backup singer for artists such as Dionne Warwick, Elvis Presley and Roy Hamilton. She won two Grammy Awards. Cissy was the daughter and singer/actress Whitney Houston. She is also the aunt to singers Dionne Warwick, and Dee Dee Warwick.

Cissy was conceived in Newark, New Jersey on September 30, 1933. Nicholas “Nitch” Drinkard was her father and Delia Mae Drinkard were her mothers.

Cissy Houston Death

People believed the fake news about the death of Cissy. Kim Burrell, one the most revered Gospel icons, expressed his opinions after Dionne’s post. Kim condemned the rapid circulation of fake news about the death of Cissy. Kim advised her to respect her life while she lived. According to various sources, Dionne said in her post that Pugh should not interfere with the lives of others. Earnest Pugh deleted the post about Cissy’s death after Dionne commented. Dionne clarified for the fans that Cissy Houston is not real.

Fans breathed a sigh relief after Dionne’s post. Many fans had been confused by the news before Dionne posted it. It is extremely unfortunate that a false post was posted on social media about the fake death of a living individual. This has been happening for several months. It is alarming to see fake news circulated about the death of an actual person.


Some people have become comfortable with spreading rumors about the death of celebrities. Many have been interested in the Cissy Harris Dead rumour. These rumors should not be believed. For more information, please refer to the link.

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