This guide gives complete information on how to play the Cladder Wordle game and the required information to play using different strategies to complete.

Are you in search of a novel word game for your children? Cladder is a great option. Cladder is a game of puzzles that was developed and implemented using the latest concept for the term game. It was specifically designed to help adults with a little simplicity, and it’s part of a hackathon wordle work.

People looking for new games Worldwide are able to play the game to increase their understanding. Cladder Wordleis is the latest feature word game specifically designed for children. This guide will assist you understand the game’s rules as well as where to play as well as how you can play.

How do I use Cladder? Cladder?

The game is governed by rules that you must follow. Follow these steps to help you in playing the game.

  • Open the official game link of Cladder (
  • To complete the puzzle, you’ll receive 10 clues to solve them in just 60 minutes.
  • Change the letter in the previous word to determine the answer.
  • The Cladder Game, there is no penalty for inexplicably wrong guesses of yours.
  • You can choose one skip for 5 seconds.
  • If you have completed the puzzle today it is now time for the next puzzle.
  • Every night at midnight, the latest puzzle will be available for you to play.

Mods for playing the game

There are four distinct types of ways to play the word game Cladder. The modes are

  • Dark Mode:Details Not Available.
  • Mode of Hard: Skip mode isn’t available within this setting.
  • Mode of selection:On The selection option of Cladder Wordle Hit the tile to alter the letter to give you an alternative to typing the whole word. It’s more efficient for players on mobile devices.
  • teacher mode:Teacher mode selection is intended for classroom claddering. In this mode the timer is turned off to promote cooperation.

Strategies for playing the Cladder

  • There is a word you can type into the box grid.
  • Make a guess and then change one letter on the grid.
  • If you make a mistake If you are wrong, you’ll get the chance to solve the clue. There is only 60 minutes to complete the puzzle.
  • If you can guess correctly then you’ll get the wordle.

Cladder Wordle : Statistics

The stats of the game shows your game status following the game. You can choose to share the game with acquaintances. The stats show your analysis of your game, the amount of matches played the number of the games you have won, as well as the winning percentage. It also shows the average and fastest timing of winning in seconds.


It is the Cladder word-game is easy and simple to play for kids who are growing up. The unique design of this game helps improve your guessing skills to increase your IQ level. Cladder Wordle Cladder Wordledisplays the stats and the solution if you are unable to figure out the answer after 60 seconds. Are you interested to participating in Cladder Word Game? Click here to play.

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