Clifford Dull Obituary and Cause of Death How Did He Die?

Clifford Dull, of Johnstown, passed away on November 30, 2023. He lived a life full and dedicated to his family, career and country despite the ups and downs. Clifford Dull showed extraordinary dedication in three areas: from his family to his career. The journey of Clifford shows a person who is deeply committed to their principles as well as loved ones.

Clifford Dull grew up in Jacksonville, raised by Cliton Dull and Linda (Marker), who have both died. This environment shaped his values and ambitions for life. Growing up in Jacksonville helped him to become a person who is committed to helping others.

What were Clifford’s early accomplishments?

Clifford has always shown determination and success from a young age. Clifford’s eight-year record of service in the U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman branch included his participation in Operation Desert Shield/Storm. This demonstrated his dedication to his country while contributing to a greater cause than himself. Clifford’s eight-year military career is a testament to his passion and drive. An honorable service career, which is not merely a career goal, is an opportunity to serve something bigger than yourself. Clifford certainly demonstrated this passion by serving as Operation Desert Shield/Storm Veterans.

What contribution did Clifford make to the Healthcare Field?

Clifford, who served in the Navy for 38 years, changed careers to work as a health care administrator at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. He did this for 20 years, not because it paid his bills, but due to his passion for healthcare and helping others.

How did Clifford’s educational journey look like?

Clifford is extremely proud of his Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Development at Geneva College, which Amy helped him achieve. They both share a strong belief in personal growth and continuous learning. Clifford was proud of his achievement, which reflected his commitment to career and personal advancement.

Who will Clifford leave behind?

Clifford Dull leaves behind a legacy of loss, with Amy Jo (Urban), his wife, who passed away after 24 years, and their children Joshua (Jared), Lindsey, Emmalee, Thomas, Trista and Trista (Larry). Clifford Dull was also known as an outstanding grandfather to Ryan Amelia Gideon Elise Sonny, as well as Christopher and Kerry Clinton & Allison.

What was Clifford’s family life like?

Clifford was delighted to see his children go to college and pursue professional careers. This is thanks to the love and guidance he gave as a husband, father and grandfather. Clifford’s efforts had a positive impact on his children and others he touched.

How will Clifford be remembered?

Clifford has left behind a legacy of love, service and dedication to his country, family, and profession. Those who knew him will remember him fondly. Clifford’s example teaches us about the importance of education, perseverance and celebrating friends who pursue their goals with his help.

How can friends and relatives show respect to someone who has died?

Clifford’s family and friends are invited to pay their respects at Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory Inc., 1521 Frankstown Rd. in Kingston on Monday, 4 December from 1-3 pm and Tuesday, 5 December at 10am respectively. You can also visit the funeral home online by clicking on this link.

What types of charitable donations can be made in honor of Clifford’s memory?

Clifford’s family suggests that instead of flowers, donations be made in his honor to Veterans Administration and Mental Health Organizations he supported. This will continue his legacy and help to improve the communities he served.

How can friends and loved ones extend their condolences to the bereaved?

Anyone unable to attend can express their condolences at HindmanFuneralHomes.com by sharing memories and showing sympathy in honoring Clifford. His memory will live on forever.

Clifford Dull lived a life of love, service and accomplishments that we will cherish for a long time to come. We mourn Clifford Dull’s passing but we also need to recognize the impactful life that he lived. His dedication to his country, his healthcare field, and his family will continue inform and shape those who knew him. His memory will be a powerful testimony to commitment’s lasting force and remind us all of the impact an individual can have in this world.