Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Their Wall-Mounted TVs!

If you’re like most people, your TV is one of your home’s most critical pieces of technology.

Not only is it a source of entertainment, but it’s also a way to stay connected with the outside world. As such, it’s vital to ensure your TV is installed correctly.

If you’re saving a few bucks on your next TV installation, then DIY might be the way to go. While TV wall mounting is undoubtedly not for everyone, you can easily install your TV with patience and attention to detail.

However, before you start drilling holes into your walls, you should know a few things. Here are common mistakes people make when installing their wall-mounted TVs—and how to avoid them!

Not Checking The Weight Limit On The Mount:

The first mistake people make is not checking the weight limit on their TV mount. Most mounts have a weight limit significantly lower than the weight of the average TV. 

So before you start mounting your TV, check the weight limit on the mount and compare it to the weight of your TV. If the mount can’t support your TV’s weight, it will not do an excellent job of holding it up!

Not Using Drywall Anchors:

Another common mistake is not using drywall anchors when mounting the TV. Many people think they can get away with using screws, but that’s not always the case.

If you’re mounting your TV on drywall, you will need to use some anchors in addition to the screws. Otherwise, your TV will pull right out of the wall when you try to hang it up!

Not Leveling the Mount:

Another mistake people make is not leveling the mount before attaching the TV. It is prevalent with fixed mounts (i.e., mounts that don’t allow you to adjust the angle).

If your mount is leveled, your TV will look crooked when you hang it up! So take your time and make sure the mount is level before attaching the TV.

Not Connecting All The Wires Before Hanging The TV:

Many people make the mistake of connecting all their wires after they’ve already hung up the TV.

But if you do this, you’re just asking for trouble! It’s much easier to connect all your wires before you hang up the TV; that way, you don’t have to worry about reaching behind it and fumbling around with all those cables.

Not Using a Safety Strap:

The last mistake we see people make is not using a safety strap when mounting their TVs. Many people think they don’t need one because their mounts have a built-in safety mechanism (like a locking pin or set screw).

But even if your mount has a built-in safety mechanism, we still recommend using a safety strap as an extra precaution. You can always be safe when hanging something as expensive as a television on your wall!

Not Hiding Your Cables:

One mistake that can ruin the look of your newly installed wall-mounted TV is neglecting to hide those unsightly cables.

There are many ways to do this, so take your pick and choose whatever will work best in your particular situation.

You can use cord raceways, zip ties, or even Cable Turtles! Just be sure to tuck those cords away, so they’re not dangling down in plain sight. Nobody likes a messy installation job!

Mounting The TV Too High:

We’ve all seen a TV mounted so high on the wall that you have to crane your neck uncomfortably to see it.

Although it may save some space, mounting your TV too high will end up causing neck pain. Avoid this by mounting your TV at eye level so you can watch comfortably!

Mounting The TV Too Low:

Conversely, mounting your TV too low will also cause problems. Not only will it be hard to see, but if you have young kids or pets, there’s always the risk of something hitting it and knocking it off the wall (which would be very bad).

Avoid this by mounting your TV at least 10-12 inches above any furniture or other objects that could come into contact with it.

Not Having Someone Help:

Installing a wall-mounted television is not a one-person job—you’ll need at least one other person to help hold things in place while you’re screwing everything together. 

So before you start drilling holes in your walls, ask a friend or family member if they wouldn’t mind giving you a hand!


Installing a wall-mounted TV can be daunting, but if you take your time and follow these tips, you should have no problem getting great results! And if you want to save yourself from hassle, you can always contact experienced wall-mounted TV installation experts like TV Mounting Austin. We hope this guide was helpful! Good luck with your TV installation!