Concert the Gen Hoshino  Soundwave Series Features:

The concert for Gen Hoshino was held just days after Season 3 Chapter 3 began. It was to celebrate the launch of the new season. Players can complete an optional challenge to earn the Gen Hoshino Coin. They can also unlock 40,000 XP.

This concert is more popular in Canada, USA, and UK. The Soundwave series-Gen Hoshino Spray is also available to the participants after they have seen the concert.

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What’s the Gen Hoshino concert like?

People will be filled with excitement when the Soundwave series returns via a virtual concert featuring Gen Hoshino, the legendary musician.

Gen Hoshino’s concert can be viewed by anyone who missed it. The concert will air live for 72 hours. The concert will begin on June 9, 2022 and continue until June 12, 2022. You can also watch the concert in PIP mode. The show was a great success, and everyone enjoyed it.

What’s the Gen Hoshino Fortnite Coin, and how can I get it?

Gen Hoshino has been invited to perform a soulful rendition of Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 3. His Pop Virus album, which won an award, features Koi, one the most popular songs in Hai’s featured setlist. Comedy is also his top-charting song. This will be performed at the event.

Players can unlock XP and a Gen Hoshino Coin after completing the optional challenge.

The event will be curated by the 3D labs developer team. Hoshino’s interactive experience places players in a space which changes colors, activities, and scenery depending on their mood. The mini-event will offer fans a wealth of information.

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Soundwave Series Features:

Fortnite’s creative team has created a unique and interactive mix of experiences for each performance. To set the mood, the team created the latest set using cherry blossoms and neon lights in 3D labs.

How can you make this gaming experience even better?

Loopers can join the Soundwave series to attend Concert, the Gen Hoshino Event. To find Gen Hoshino’s tile in Creative, use the Island Code “68317094-7130”. For 3 days, the concert will be re-aired without interruption so we can listen to music and get Soundwave Series or XP.


The players will earn some experience points and the Gen Hoshino spray of the Soundwave series after completing the mini-event. The prize is not available for purchase in the item shop and will be limited to the mini event.

Concert the Gen Hoshino – This is a great event that features Gen Hoshino, and inspires fans with their enthusiasm.