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Connectifest. Connectifest.com offers tickets and live updates from a music festival. Please verify that the website is legitimate.

Are you a music lover? Are you looking to connect with your soul through music? This is the largest festival in Indonesia. Connectifest 2022 will be held in September. This fest is sure to be a hit with you all. Connectifest. Connectifest.com is the official website. Here you will find details about the fest and the main participants.

This site has more information about the fest. This post will provide information about the site.

What’s Connectifest.com?

This is the official website for the fest. It will provide information about the September event. This website provides information about the performers who make the show a highlight. The show’s stars include Tyok Satrio, Denny Caknan and YeniInka, rising singers. This website has more information about the fest.

Connectifest.com: Are there tickets? com?

Yes, tickets can be purchased from the official website. The event will take place in the Joyokusumo Stadium courtyard. The event was originally held in Pati. Because Pati is home to many music lovers, the reason it was chosen is the fact that it is easily accessible. This fest is organized by Hadi, Layang Swara Project director. This fest is a great success. You can still purchase tickets before the portal closes.

This site is legitimate

  • Registration Date May 26, 2022 is the date of creation for the Connectifest website. It was discovered three months ago.
  • Connectifest’s Trust Score is a measure of how trust you have in Connectifest. Only 1 percent of Connectifest.com’s trust score is. This is a low trust rate and should be avoided when purchasing tickets or performing any transactions.
  • Registrar: CV. JOGJACAMP acts as the registrar for Connectifest.
  • Expiry date: May 26, 20,23 is the expiration day for the Connectifest website.
  • Social Media – The site is now available on Instagram. They have provided links to purchase tickets for the event.

Destination for Events

The music festival is a great way to see rising stars perform live. Two locations were chosen for the September 22 and September 27 events.

Connectifest.com reports that the official website has been approved. According to Connectifest.com, Pantai Pasir Kencana Pekalongan has been selected for the September 22nd 2022 event.

The event will take place in Sam Poo Kong Semarang on the 27th of September 2022. You can purchase the tickets accordingly.

Final Summary

This website has been thoroughly researched by us. We also shared information about its legitimacy. This shows that the site has low trust scores and is relatively new. It seems suspicious. You should look for other options to purchase tickets for Connectifest’s music festival. You would be safer.