Contraindications to eating purslane, the superfood that regulates glucose

The purslane is a green leafy vegetable that is on the prestigious list of superfoods, due to the nutritional richness and the great benefits obtained with regular consumption.

However, despite all the advantages behind its intake, the purslane does not escape from having some contraindications that force us to take certain precautions, this to avoid side effects that can put health at risk.

What are the precautions and contradictions of purslane?

One of the first precautions that should be taken into account when eating raw purslane is not to overdo it, as it, like spinach, contains a considerable amount of oxalate , an element that in large quantities is harmful to health.

On the other hand, it is a contraindicated food for pregnant women, since it has the ability to stimulate the uterus, which can put the proper development of the pregnancy at risk.

It is also important to consider that although it may have some beneficial effects for people with gastritis, for kidney patients or for those with rheumatic diseases, they should avoid consuming it raw, since oxalates also they can damage the lining of the stomach, can affect kidney function, and can worsen arthritis symptoms.

Verdolaga superalimento sistema cardiovascularVerdolaga superfood cardiovascular system

And finally, those who are under any medical treatment should moderate the consumption of purslane and consult their family doctor, since this plant contains alkaloids that can interact with certain types of medications and generate some side effects.

Benefits of eating purslane

In the event that none of the aforementioned contradictions exist and taking the necessary precautions, the purslane can be included in the regular menu in order to receive any of its benefits

Among the advantages of eating purslane we can mention that it is a food that helps preserve cardiovascular health, since it controls cholesterol levels and balances blood pressure.

It is also ideal for regulating glucose levels, to reduce signs of aging, to treat some symptoms of arthritis or other rheumatic diseases, helps prevent the appearance of stomach ulcers and strengthens the immune system.

Anyway, before including this superfood in the menu, it is better to consult a doctor and a nutritionist.

How to eat purslane?

As mentioned before, the purslane is a vegetable that can be consumed raw, although this should be done in moderation, being a fairly healthy ingredient to include in salads.

Now, there are also many cooking methods to prepare purslane, one of them is steamed, sautéed or boiled, and can be used as a companion for main dishes or in stews, soups and creams

Purslane can also be integrated in the preparation of green juices or to prepare infusions.