This article focuses on the case of Cynthia Davis Big Rich Texas, and on Jerry Jones and Cynthia Davis who are his alleged girlfriends.

Cynthia Davis is a alleged girlfriend for Jerry Jones. She is also the mother of Alexandra Davis. Alexandra Davis sued Jerry Jones, the Dallas cowboy’s owner, for paternity. She claimed she is his biological daughter.

These allegations could lead to Jerry Jones losing a significant amount of his wealth. According to some reports, Jerry also paid Cynthia a large sum of money to conceal this fact from Cynthia. This news is also anticipated by people in the United States who are eager to learn more about Cynthia DavisBig Rich Texas.

Why is Cynthia Davis in the headline?

It will be an exciting ride, as the news will include the alleged lawsuit filed by Jerry Jones, 25-year-old, alleging that he is her father. Alexandra is not aware of the truth and how she came to learn about it.

Sources claim that Jones and Cynthia had agreed that Alexandra would receive all the monetary support, but that she wouldn’t allow her father to indulge in such matters. We can assume that she may not have received the financial benefit that she claimed to have. Cynthia Davis has become a huge headline right now.

The essential points about Cynthia Davis

  • Jones and Cynthia decided to close the matter, so people in the United States assume their daughter is receiving monetary benefits from her father.
  • Jones’s alleged girlfriend is believed to be 60 years old. Not much information has been gathered about her.
  • According to the daughter, Jerry Jones and her mother were in a relationship and she was their child.

Views of Cynthia Davis Big Rich Texas

These revelations are shocking to many, as well as the confusion at Alexandra’s claim that he is her father after she has been living with him for twenty-five year. After sources revealed that Alexandra had received monetary assistance from her father, the news spread quickly.

She may have stopped receiving assistance and this could be why she decided to tell the world. The news is causing social media buzz and people are eager to find out the details. The headline on Cynthia Davis has become huge news. You can view the complete news on and get all the details.


This news has received a lot of attention from people and we are eager to see where it leads. Jerry Jones, Cynthia Davis, and Cynthia Davis’ alleged daughter are the main reason for the news being highlighted. Sources tried to find out the details but were unable to do so.