Did you have any idea the fact that Daddy Yankee had announced his retirement? Are you curious to know the date Daddy Yankee will retire? Would you like to learn about the events that will be announced prior to his retirement?

Do you want to be informed when the pre-sale for tickets will be available and when tickets will be made available in the open market worldwide? How much will tickets cost? What are the specifics of his upcoming events on the continent of Chile or the website the website Daddy Yankee .com?


On the 20th of march, Daddy Yankee shocked his supporters by announcing his retirement this year!

Daddy Yankee appeared on a video that was posted on his website , daddyyankee.com. Daddy Yankee appeared energetic and content as ever when hosting the video. The video shows Daddy Yankee said that his retirement date was the end of the year. Prior to the end of his career, he will be appearing in a series of live events beginning on the 10th of August 2022 and running until the 2nd of December in 2022.

The performance of Daddy Yankee in Chile will take place on the 29th of September in Santiago. The venue for the Daddy Yankee Chile concert isn’t yet announced. The price of tickets were not announced either.

Tickets will be made sold on daddyyankee.com. Based on the schedule listed on daddyyankee.com there are 41 live stage shows that will be taking place in 36 cities throughout the U.S. The majority of the venues are located in South America.

Daddy Yankee has named the sequence of events to be LAULTIMAVUELTAWORLD TOUR. The ticket pre-sales begin at the 25th of March 2022 the tickets are made available on sale to the public starting from March 2022.

An official confirmation regarding the retirement of Daddy Yankee is in the works, as was revealed on Vlog.

views of Daddy Yankee .com :

In a 2021 interview, Daddy Yankee expressed his regret that so many people did not have any idea about Reggaeton music. When he first began his career as rapper in Reggaeton his talents was recognized across all of the East coast.

The people on the West coast didn’t know about Reggaeton music, even though they were aware of Daddy Yankee as a singer and writer. He needed to make greater efforts to grow Rican rappers. He would like his followers along with the rest of the world to comprehend the essence of his music and what he is all about.

He wanted to spread the word about Reggaeton music and bring it to the top of the charts through different avenues, such as various methods, including Daddy Yankee .com. So, he performed and talked regarding the Reggaeton genre every chance that came his way during his appearance on stage and when introducing his band.


In the beginning, he tweeted that starting at 8:00 pm the 24th of March, fans can listen to 19 new songs. The pre-sale for tickets is scheduled to begin next week at daddyyankee.com. The singer’s Chile tour will begin on September 29th, in Santiago.

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