Damage to the immune system and the fourth vaccine against Covid-19

The Public Health Commission, represented by the autonomous communities of Spain and the Ministry of Health, bets on a fourth vaccine against Covid-19 in immunosuppressed people. However, different experts explain that this new dose could be counterproductive for the immune system.

Specifically, the Spanish Ministry of Health explains that “people who received an additional dose of mRNA vaccine because they were included in Group 7 or were people receiving treatment with immunosuppressive drugs will receive a booster dose 5 months after the last dose”.

Thus, this group includes very high-risk people, such as those with solid organ transplants, cystic fibrosis, hematopoietic stem cell transplants, lung, heart, liver, intestinal or kidney transplants.

Likewise, different degrees of oncohematological diseases, various types of cancer, cases of HIV, immunodeficiencies or people with Down syndrome older than are also included in these risk groups. years.

This approval by the Health Department has called the attention of the Spanish population, which is immersed in the third dose vaccination campaign. But in addition, some experts in the field question the efficacy of a fourth dose and fear that it could cause an exhaustion of the immune system.

Fourth dose of vaccine. Exhaustion of the immune system?

It seems that the scientific community is not clear about the viability of a fourth dose of the Covid vaccine-19, as stated by the Public Health Commission. Experts estimate that reinforcement after reinforcement could be counterproductive for the correct functioning of the immune system in this regard.

vacuna Covid-19 sistema inmuneVaccine

In this sense, the professor of immunology at the University of Vigo, Africa González, argues for the SINC agency that “if we do not let the immune system rest, we exhaust it.”

Referring to the administration of a fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-, The immunologist emphasizes that “it is not good to give them a booster in a very short time. It doesn't make sense and it's not recommended. The immune system can be depleted. We don't know this yet with this vaccine. The clinical trial in Israel with four doses will give valuable information in this regard.”

It must be taken into account that having passed the virus naturally grants immunity to the organism. Therefore, Dr. Africa González recommends first analyzing the immunity that patients have, since a fourth dose could have an effect contrary to that sought.

A fourth vaccine branded “nonsense”

At the moment, the scientific community catalogs a fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 as nonsense, rejecting the recommendation approved by the Spanish Public Health Commission.

For his part, Dr. José Gómez Rial, an immunologist at the University Clinical Hospital of Santiago de Compostela, explains in an interview for 'Telecinco' that «the immunocompetent person with two doses has a immune system, due to cellular immunity, perfectly trained to deal with any variant of the virus, as is being demonstrated in practice”.

Furthermore, this expert confesses that constantly revaccinating the population is “nonsense from an immunological point of view.”

Therefore, while waiting for polyvalent vaccines to be developed, this group of experts warns that the best weapon continues to be social distance, hygiene, mask and testing. Thus, they warn of the damage that constant revaccination can cause to the functioning of the immune system.

Along these lines, the Spanish Public Health Commission has also authorized the booster doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 to all people older than 18 years. In this way, the age range of vaccination with booster doses in Spain is extended, which until now was up to 40 years.

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