Descargando. Com  Is Descargando.com Legit?

Did you know that Descargando is a search engine that returns two websites as results? One website comes up with the URL www.descargandolo.net, and the other website is www.descargandolojuegos.com. Both websites are Worldwide popular. But, in this article, we will focus on www.descargandolojuegos.com because this website is widely accessed as it hosts links to import various games.

Please read all the Descargando reviews before you import any game. To verify its authenticity, visit www.descargando.com


Descargando.com is searched on the internet to reach descargandolojuegos.com. It is not a legal website because it does not have the authorization to host links for games imported by different gaming companies. The file you might import could contain malware.

You can import the original games from Google Play, Apple Store, or the official gaming website. Installing MODs from third-party websites is not recommended.

Descargandolojuegos.com is a platform featuring:

  • 18 News articles
  • 2 Gaming Area
  • 6 Applications
  • 61 PC Games
  • 33 Android Games And
  • Several iOS Games

Descargando.com: How does it work?

For importing Android games, Descargando. Descargando.com redirects users directly to apkcombo.com which contains the files that will be imported. This website directs users to the official gaming site for importing files for Windows. Therefore, descargandolojuegos.com is only involved in providing links to different websites that hold the application and game files. The website does NOT provide files that can be directly imported.

Is Descargando.com Legit?

Due to this feature, descargandolojuegos.com is not blacklisted by any blacklisting engines. Further, descargandolojuegos.com achieved an average trust score of 80%, an excellent business ranking of 100%, and a good Alexa Ranking of 289,682. It was rated 7% in the suspicion profile.

Descargando. Descargando.com uses HTTPS protocol. The IP address holds a valid SSL certificate that will be valid for the next twenty days. The website offers services through a server in GB as well as a server located within the USA.

As descargandolojuegos.com is an old website registered in the USA on 16th September 2019, it is not gauged on Malware, Phishing, Threat and Spam scores. It is a website that has been online for two years, nine months, and twenty days. Its registration expires in two months and ten calendar days, on the 16th of September 2022.

Descargando’s authenticity is determined by these features com:

Descargandolojuegos.com did not include any contact email and phone number. Domains By Proxy, LLC censored the owner’s information. It did not contain any privacy policies or terms and conditions for its use. Descargandolojuegos.com has been on YouTube since November 2019, with more than 804K subscribers.


Descargandolojuegos.com is not providing files for direct importing. Instead, it redirects users towards third-party websites that allow them to import files related to games and applications for different OS. Descargandolojuegos.com is not authorized to host such links by official gaming companies. It is not possible to verify the legitimacy of third-party websites. These sites may contain Malware within the MOD files. Therefore, Descargando. com is a Scam.

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