Designing Your Bathroom With a Few Different Themes

Bathroom designs have changed drastically over the years. With previous bathroom trends coming in a variety of colors, tiles, and fixtures, this is just one of the many ways these rooms have evolved and will continue to evolve in the future. Bathroom trends are where you can get your hands on some new ideas for inspiration. It will not let you spread yourself too thin by focusing on only one aspect of your bathroom’s design, like functionality or luxury, for example. Bathrooms that reflect modern themes and antiquity bring back bathrooms with a classic feel. Some of the techniques that once looked outdated are also coming back into style. Also, you can prefer shower screens that make your bathroom looks luxurious.

But it doesn’t impact the variety. Whether you want a serene look of a Scandinavian theme or luxe modern vibe, or traditional charm, the bathroom trend styles suggest you can have anything you imagine. While bold choices are still tricky in their relevancy down the road, the classic and timeless variations offer longevity and admirable looks. But designers suggest that modern homeowners are ready to try anything that satisfies their taste and choice. For example, tiles with unique colors, shapes, and designs stand out and create a wave already. Some pick fish scale designs, while others select diamond patterns. Matt and neutral shades are the safer bets, but they want to do something with reclaimed furniture, signature mirrors, etc.

More precisely, whether Scandinavian-style bathrooms with elegant fixtures are your design inspiration or something else, there is no shortage of creative ideas to achieve the desired décor goal. Here are some suggestions in this context.

Spa feel

Grey is making a comeback in the bathroom, which professional interior designers notice as one of their biggest bath trends. In addition to a renewed interest in contemporary showers and bathtubs over more conventional options, grey bathrooms have led to this trend. Recently, homeowners have been opting for less-is-more, simple looks that make cleaning super simple and better for the environment. It seems counterintuitive considering how trendy everyone has become about natural or minimalistic decor. Still, bare fiberglass baths seem to be catching on worldwide, with people acknowledging their appeal and practicality.

One reason for this can be this design’s ability to recreate spa-like magic or ambiance in the bathroom that instantly elevates calmness and peace.

Artsy touches

People are considering the bathroom to be like any other room in their house and treating it as such rather than keeping it just clean. Artistic or sculptural elements may become more commonplace there and in common areas of the home over the next few years, and timeless design will enjoy a decorative status that everyone desires to own. Ideas like gallery walls have been around for some years now. But this trend is also only going up with people wanting to add their personal touch almost everywhere. And bathrooms are no more an exception in that sense.

Arched highlights

Arched doors were once standard for Mediterranean-style homes as an extension trend with a classic look. They are now a hot design feature for people looking to add that extra special something to their bathroom. The popularity of arches came about near the pandemic when people tried to make every area in their homes pleasant and soothing. And when they went over the options, nothing seemed to make more sense than having an archway that felt soothing and attractive.

In this context,no longer are arches just about opening up doorways, as they’re now creatively and artistically becoming a part of the design of shower rooms. Such design is a great way to bring flair and character to even tiny areas while adding a certain sense of privacy and seclusion.

Wall tiles

Tile is one of those surfaces that people either love or hate to see in the bathroom. Tiles are trendy because they come in sizes, shapes, patterns, and finishes. One example of a unique tile idea is “finger” or “KitKat” tiling. Finger or kitkat tiling is when thin pieces of the material cling to the surface on top of a sticky base coat that locks them in place permanently. Step-by-step instructions will depend on whether you prefer pastels over bold hues, but this tile idea typically calls for grouting (the bonding agent you use to fill the spaces between tiles). Grouting can make tiles look thicker than they are and can adopt any look in varying degrees depending on your tastes.

Finger tileshave been popular in the home decor department ever since they entered the market at least a decade ago. Their popularity has not dwindled over the past decade, and plenty of evidence predicts that their charm will persist well into 2022 and beyond. These tiles offer a striking appearance, but the subtle colors they usually come in work very well together with almost any bathroom wall color that you might wish to pick.

Tiles are a preferred method of tile-based wall and floor covering among homeowners because they are pretty resistant to moisture compared to any other type of such material.

Organic textures

Wood can be one of the best options since it’s natural and offers that cozy vibe everyone looks for when lounging around or getting ready for bed. Natural finishes are a welcome addition to the bathroom that traditionally filled cold surfaces referenced in your home’s interior design most of the time. Of course, there are plenty of other finishes you can go for, but having realistic textures also means having options like wood effect tiles which make it feel more organic. Just be sure to get wood effect tiles instead of actual ones to achieve the look.

You have many themes and designs to draw inspiration from and apply to your bathroom décor. You can follow one decor idea, or it can be an intermingling of different design concepts. Whatever you decide, if you are a true Scandinavian décor fan, you cannot avoid minimalism visually and functionally. Of course, you can have a bit of quirk here and there through decorative details, but if that doesn’t create clutter, you are still safe.