Devot Wordle Yesterday’s Guesses:

Check out the details of the Devot Wordle Puzzle. Next, consider whether the Wordle puzzle has been intentionally made more difficult to play following its migration.

Did the Wordle puzzle for yesterday, 25 March 2022 seem more difficult for its Worldwide user? The Wordle game is popular because it takes only five minutes to find six correct answers. Wordle can also enhance your English.

Did you know that many people use the internet to search for five-letter words if they can guess two or three of the correct alphabets? Let’s take a look at the Devot Wordle puzzle from Yesterday.

Yesterday’s Guesses:

In their first attempt, users began entering random alphabets. It is almost impossible to find the right answer on the first attempt. Sometimes, you may be able to guess the word if you have entered at least one (or two) alphabets correctly in both the first and second lines.

Yesterday’s correct alphabet was D. The last-fifth correct letter was T. There are many words that start with D (or end with T).

Next, narrow your choices. To verify that they had the correct alphabet, users first entered another word into Wordle. It is impossible if you try to solve the Wordle puzzle within 3/6 or 4/6 attempts.

Next, analyze all words that begin with D. The third word on the third line was used to narrow down the options.

Users who were able to guess another alphabet correctly in their third attempt would be lucky, as there are only two to three additional alphabets to remember. The words shown above show that there were only two possibilities for the correct word. It could either be Devot or Depot.

Yesterday’s puzzle was solved by the Depot users who entered Depot in their 3/6 or 4/6 attempts. The users who entered DEVOT would be surprised.

Devot Wordle Surprise:

Wordle was not willing to acknowledge DEVOT as the correct solution. These users were able solve the puzzle in just 5/6, 6/6 attempts and many others failed.


There was still confusion about why DEVOT wasn’t the right answer. Wordle does not ask for the correct word to be guesses. Both Depot and Devot could have been right. What about the future? What if there were two or more words that have the same alphabet? Users won’t be able solve the puzzle in their best efforts.