Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith The Oscars Slap Incident

Following the Oscars incident The question that came up on the internet was did Jada Pinkett cheat on Will Smith. Find out more here.

The Oscars on Monday night, there was a momentous incident that will remain in the memory of its intensity as well as the shockwaves that it sent across the globe. Will Smith has been slapped by Chris Rocks after the latter was accused of being offensive about his wife.

This resulted in a large diffusion of the clip on social media , and later there were many questions and allegations regarding Do Jada Pinkett Cheat on Will Smith. Now it is a relevant issue as to whether there is a motive other than marital relationship for why Will became so angry over Chris Rocks.

The Oscars Slap Incident

Will Smith, before receiving the Oscars was irritated by Chris Rock’s jokes, and then was able to hit him in the face. Chris Rocks, among all the jokes, remarked on Jada Pinkett, calling Jane Doe her GI which resulted in an obnoxious and uncompromising joke about her hairless head. It was something Will Smith could palpably cannot take in. However, the question is who did Jada Pinkett Cheat on Will Smith Withand if it was to sour the past, why they’re now together with such intensity that took place yesterday at the Oscars.

In 2020, it was reported that Jada Pinkett has been cheating with Will Smith with August Alsina an American songwriter United States. Initially there was no response from the couple who are considered to be the most powerful in Hollywood. However, the clamor didn’t stop and they were forced to confess. The event was known as Red Table Talks where, for the first time ever, Jada Pinkett admitted of in a relationship with Will Smith with August Alsina.

The Complete Answer to Did Jada Pinkett Cheat On Will Smith.

On the show, Will along with Jada were present when they revealed later that they’d decided to reveal their relationships as well as rumors that were surfacing in the world media. Although this was a fact that was lauded by many, many were worried about the reveal. Both partners acknowledged the fact that they are in love with unconditional love for each other.

However, everything wasn’t right. The interview appeared to be extremely ambiguous and even though certain people came to the previously discussed conclusions, many weren’t sure on whether Jada Pinkett was cheating with Will Smith or not.

Therefore, the solution for the question did Jada Pinkett cheat on Will Smith was not so clear, and the claims slowly became gossip that surrounded the Smith couple in every single instance. In 2022, after there was no response to this matter for a long period of time, Will Smith created another controversy when he defended Jada Pinkett, and also slapping Chris Rocks during Oscars. The manner Will Smith defended Jada Pinkett is receiving mixed reviews across the globe.


Chris Rocks was punched in the face by Will Smith after the actor was seen to have criticized Will’s wife Jada Pinkett, making an analogy with GI Jane Doe. The incident sparked the debate over whether their relationships are that honest, then why did Jada Pinkett Cheat on Will Smith. For more information, check out the article What Will Smith has Confirmed.