Did Ronaldos Son Die World Infant Mortality Rate:

Was Ronaldo Son Killed contains news about the death of Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby boy.

This post has some recent information about Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal life. Everyone knows that Ronaldo has many fans in Canada and the United States. Most of these fans are looking for information on their son.

The star footballer announced on social media that his son had died on Monday. The news about his son’s death has deeply affected the star footballer and his fans around the globe. You can read the entire article Did Ronaldos Son die to find out the truth.

Cristiano Rojo and his Partner Announcement:

Ronaldo and his girlfriend posted on Twitter that their baby boy died on Monday, April 18th. The soccer star revealed in October that he and his girlfriend were expecting twins, one girl and one boy.

Media reports claim that the girl baby survived birth, while the boy baby died. They expressed their grief at losing their baby boy and believed that parents could not feel more pain. They appealed to privacy during this difficult time and thanked the medical staff for their help.

How Did Ronaldos Son Die?

According to reports, the twins were being delivered by the same couple. There is no further information available on the topic at this time. The couple thanked their medical staff for their efforts and it cannot be ruled out that there was any medical negligence.

The baby girl survived and the couple stated that their baby girl is helping them to get through this difficult time. The couple also stated that their baby boy is their angel, and will always love them.

Many of his Twitter followers sent condolence messages and some wanted to know What happened to Ronaldos son? HTML3_

World Infant Mortality Rate:

This case is clear evidence of infant mortality. Ronaldo’s child’s death shows that there are more measures needed to reduce Child mortality. Infant mortality is the death of a child younger than five years old. In 1990, there were approximately 12.5 million such deaths.

In 2020, 5 million deaths were recorded. It has fallen from 90 deaths per thousand livebirths to 37 in 2020. To reduce child mortality, more improvements are needed.

Did Ronaldos Son Die of Any Negligence?

Ronaldo posted a letter on his twitter account. It stated that staff at the hospital tried their best to save the baby. Ronaldo’s baby boy died due to medical negligence.

This is a clear case for infant mortality. There are many factors that contribute to child mortality. Mother health and care are the most important.

Final verdict:

In America, the infant mortality rate is 5.6 per 1,000 childbirths. People in other parts need to take steps towards reducing the infant mortality rate.

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