Dj Richard Cause Of Death What Happened To Jose DJ Richard Enriquez, Jr? How Did He Die?

Jose “DJ Richard”, Jr. has left behind a legacy of love and affection for the Philippines’ radio scene. He will be remembered by countless listeners. His soothing voice and charismatic personality made DJ Richard a household name in Filipino homes. He created a bond between himself and his listeners through the airwaves. His passion and dedication are a testimony to his profound influence on the Philippine radio market.

Who Was Jose Enriquez Jr., aka DJ Richard?

Jose Enriquez Jr., better known as DJ Richard, was born and raised in the Philippines. He has worked in broadcasting for over 30 years. From voice talent, to radio personality and country’s leading radio host, DJ Richard has made waves since his start at ABS-CBN. His engaging style made him popular among listeners.

His voice was first used in the ABS-CBN radio station DZMM’s show “Kalatog Pinggan”. He then became a regular at DZMM. Here, DJ Richard flourished. His weekend music show “Yesterday …,”” ran from 2010 until 2020. His ability to connect and communicate with his listeners via music and thoughtful conversations made him a familiar face in many Filipino homes.

The Enduring Legacy of DJ Richard’s Shows

The shows of DJ Richard were not just music, but a journey through nostalgia and relaxation. His ability to create an auditory experience is evident in “Songhits Tunog Pinoy”, “Moonlight Serenade”, and “Songhits” on DZMM. The shows were popular not only for their playlists, but also for the warmth and familiarity DJ Richard brought. He was a master at selecting songs that resonated, often evoking emotions and memories that went beyond the confines on the radio.

After leaving ABS-CBN, in 2020, Richard continued to pursue his passion with “Yesterday’s Classics” at Eagle FM 95.5, further cementing his position as a radio icon. In 2022, he moved to GMA station DZBB where he created “Golden Memories”, an overnight radio program that showcased his ability to create captivating radio content. Just days before his death, his last radio appearance was a testament of his dedication to the craft.

The Tragic News & Unanswered Questions

The sudden death of DJ Richard was a shock to both his colleagues and listeners. It was announced on Facebook on 25 October 2023. This left a void in the Philippine radio industry. There are still many questions about his death, and the details remain vague. This leads to further grief and speculation amongst DJ Richard’s fans and followers.

The Wake and Memorial

His wake will begin at 10 am on Friday, Oct. 27th and continue until 10 pm Monday, Oct. 30th. The wake will take place in room Mercy B of Loyola Memorial Chapels Commonwealth in Quezon City. This is an opportunity for family members, friends and fans to pay respects and remember a life dedicated to music and joy.

Reflections on DJ Richards’ Impact

Jose “DJ Richard” Enriquez Jr.’s influence on Philippine radio goes beyond playing music or hosting shows. He became a part of the daily lives of many Filipinos through sharing comforting musical experiences with his audience.

His departure leaves a legacy that is testament to his dedication to radio and its impact. His dulcet tones, filled with warmth, humor and empathy, will be missed. However, his contributions to Philippine radio broadcasting will continue as we remember what he has brought us. We honor Jose “DJ Richard Enriquez Jr”‘s life, and we remember it while broadcasters mourn. He was a man who loved music and radio broadcasting, and he made thousands of friends through them! His legacy continues through the memories of his listeners!


  1. Who was DJ Richard?
    • Jose Enriquez Jr. was known as DJ Richard and was a popular Filipino radio personality. He had shows on DZMM, TeleRadyo, and DZMM.
  2. How did DJ Richard die?
    • As of the most recent updates, no cause has been publicly disclosed for DJ Richard’s demise.
  3. When did DJ Richard pass away?
    • DJ Richard died on Wednesday, October 25th 2023.
  4. Where can DJ Richard’s fans attend his wake?
    • From October 27 to 30, DJ Richard will be at the Loyola Memorial Chapels Commonwealth in Quezon City.
  5. What was the last radio program of DJ Richard?
    • The last broadcast of DJ Richard was on GMA’s radio station DZBB on 21st October.