Although it seems dog wipes and baby wipes do the same job, which is cleaning the body, you may think they are the same. However, it isn’t that simple. You may be wondering which wipe is better for your pet? Find out dog wipes vs. baby wipes: which is better?

What are Dog Wipes?

Dog wipes or pet wipes are disposable wipes soaked in a disinfectant and mild cleaning solution. It is used on Dogs or other pets after they have been outside or before getting onto furniture.

Dog wipes are mainly used to maintain pet hygiene by grooming and smoothing fur and cleaning hard-to-reach areas where your pet will have difficulty cleaning themselves, such as behind their ears. You can also use pet eye wipes to safely clean sensitive areas of your pets.

What is Baby Wipes?

On the other hand, baby wipes are made for cleaning human babies and infants. They are specially made with a baby’s sensitive skin in mind. Most baby wipes are dipped in an alcohol solution and a cleaning agent. You can also use these wipes to clean any small mess easily.

What are the Differences Between Dog Wipes and Baby Wipes?

You may think that dog wipes and baby wipes are essentially the same. Although they serve the same basic purpose, they are not quite the same. But if you are adamant about using baby wipes, here are a few differences you need to consider:

  • Humans have a different skin pH level than pets, which are safe at around 5.5 to 7.2. Dog wipes maintain this optimal pH so that it doesn’t irritate pets’ skin. Be careful with using the right wipes, as you may fail to notice irritation from baby wipes due to your dog’s fur until it is too late.
  • Baby wipes sometimes contain alcohol and other ingredients that can be harmful to dogs if they are ingested. Since pets lick themselves, you need to be careful that the wipes you are using do not have any toxic chemicals.
  • Baby wipes sometimes have heavy scents that your dog or pet may find irritating and make them agitated.

When Can You Use Baby Wipes on Dogs?

If you have no option but to use baby wipes on your pet, here are a few tips that will help you keep your pet safe:

  • Since baby wipes have ingredients that may be harmful to your pet, you should use the baby wipes on areas where they can’t reach to lick, which are also spots that require the most cleaning as well. Places like your pet’s snout, behind their ears, and inside their ear canals are perfect for cleaning with baby wipes.
  • Certain baby wipes can be used safely on pets. If the label on the wipes says “hypoallergenic” or “non-alcoholic” or “unscented,” then you can probably safely use them on your pet.
  • There are a few chemicals present in baby wipes that, although they are not very harmful once in a while if ingested, can quickly become a problem if your pet regularly comes in contact with them. Therefore, you should only use baby wipes once in a while.

Alternatives to Baby Wipes

Many pet owners don’t know that they have alternatives to baby wipes right there at home:

  • You can use dog shampoo and a slightly damp towel to clean your pet and then rinse the towel down and use it to clean your pet.
  • You can also use just water and a towel to do the same job, provided your dog is not too dirty.

Should you Use Surface Wipes on Dogs?

NO! It would be best never to use surface wipes on your pets and never on babies. They are designed to tackle tough stains and rub against rough surfaces. As surface wipes generally contain more alcohol than baby wipes, they may cause severe irritation on your pet’s skin.


So, which is better, dog wipes or baby wipes? The answer is clearly dog wipes, as not all baby wipes are suitable for dogs due to their pH levels and other toxic ingredients. But if you are in a pinch, you can use baby wipes to clean your pets. Just use the information provided in this article, and your pet will be safe.