Doner Wordle How do you play the wordle game

Have you solved the 359th Wordle yet?! Every day, the popular online puzzle “wordle” becomes more difficult and more challenging. Millions of people from countries such as Australia and the United States wait each day to face new challenges in Wordle.

You can find the answer to Wordle 359 in this post on Doner Wordle.

Have you solved the 359th wordle puzzle?

This post is for those who have not solved the 359th wordle-word puzzle.

Let’s now move on to our puzzle word of the day for one of our favorite wordle games, so the 359th Wordle word is “DONOR.”

Many internet users chose “Doner” as their answer, but we are going to tell you that Doner is not the right answer. Doner isn’t a scrabble term so there is no Doner definition.

Doner can be defined as grilled meat, salad, served in pitta bread and chili sauce. Donor is the person who donates money, clothes, or blood.

If you are still in doubt, the following paragraphs will provide the answers to your questions.

Clues to the Wordle puzzle

Here are the clues to the answer:

  • Today’s word starts with D.
  • It means that someone has given something away.
  • The word ends with the letter R.
  • Donor is the solution.

Doner Game

We’ve given enough clues! We trust that you are now able to find the right answer to your question and will return to today’s challenge. If you still have questions, continue reading the article.

Wordle, a web-based wordgame, was published by The New York Times. Wordle is a fun, simple puzzle game that can be played only once per 24 hours. Every day, a new word is introduced with a challenge for players. It’s up you to figure out the answer. Many users are confused and make mistakes, such as when they put Doner Wordle wrong. This game is looking for your best answer.

How do you play the wordle game

Five blank boxes are given to you to fill in Wordle. You have six chances to find the secret five-letter word. Once you have finished typing, click “Submit” to submit your answer.


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