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Do you want to have a rhinoplasty? Although many clinics offer similar services, it’s important to verify the legitimacy of the doctor and clinic.

We will be reviewing Dr Andrew Jacono, one of the most respected plastic surgeons in New York. He is known as an expert in facial plastic surgery.

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Who’s Dr Andrew Jacono?

Andrew Jacono, a Facial Plastic Surgeon in the United States, is a well-known name. He is a specialist in nose shaping, face and neck lifting, rhinoplasty, and many other procedures. He has received numerous positive reviews for his services.

Let’s review the reviews. He has been rated two stars out of five. One customer spoke out about chin liposuction, which cost $15000. He was informed that this is because of high demand.

Another Dr Andrew Jacono Yelp Review in which the customer discusses the experience and how $15000 was charged for the half-hour. We will be reviewing the reviews in greater detail in the next sections.

More details about Dr Andrew Jacono

  • Andrew Jacono, a New York-based facial plastic surgeon, is well-known.
  • He is well-known as a facial surgeon and is known for his work in rhinoplasty, nose surgery, neck lifts, etc.
  • He also has his MD FACS, and he currently practices on Long Island and New York.
  • He has also conducted more than 100 plastic surgery and symposiums.

Dr Andrew Jacono Yelp Review What users have to say

Mixed reviews have been given to Dr Andrew Jacono on the internet. He has a rating of 2 stars out 5 on Yelp. Customers have voiced their disapproval at the high cost of the services, and most of the negative ratings reflect this.

One customer tells us about how a neck-lift job went wrong. Her neck was uneven which led to severe nerve damage. She is also currently experiencing pain and pulls in her neck. Many reviews also mention the high cost of the services.

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Final Conclusion

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