This article is designed to safeguard your against the scam known as Eab by providing guidelines and more details.

Are you intrigued by strategies for E-commerce? Do you find yourself involved in part-time jobs, and see job openings for similar positions popping across your monitors? If so, it must be a scam and is getting more and more controversial across Singapore particularly.

It’s a clever tactic of fraudsters to deceive the general public by offering fake jobs. It’s happening via fake FB posts as well as WhatsApp claims from foreign numbers.

Are you worried about your fears about this scam called the Eab Scam? Do not worry since we’re here to solve this problem by reading this article.

Are Eab Job Adverts fake or legitimate?

The advertisements for these jobs are totally absurd and can be harmful to individuals. First of all, these jobs are extremely comfortable and minimal efforts are required. This is the most dangerous and most questioned aspect that any position.

In addition the eCommerce outlet connection to the commodity is sent to the purchasers. Furthermore, they are permitted to provide a photo of the item inside their shopping cart. The purchasers are required to purchase the product in one transaction, which is a fraudulent and unknowable.

What are scammers doing with Eab Scam?

Scammers make use of social media platforms in order to deceive individuals. For instance, they may provide a part-time job that has an income that is typical, ranging from S$300-$500. To gain the trust of the victims, they offer the number of a contact.

If the victim is in contact with this number, scammers will clarify the business’s identity and demand an advance investment. Then, the victims are convinced that they will be reimbursed and a further 10 percent commission.

In the end, the victims get involved when they transfer the money. The exact process can be repeated at different points and even more expensive items. When it comes to the Eab Scam, victims end up being deceived by the fact that there’s no commission or refund as well as the scammers can’t be reached.

Tips from the Administration Administration-

  • The police department asked individuals not to endorse unprobable job applications that call for lucrative rescues to cover minor violations.
  • Do not pay for advance charges to the retailer and complete your purchase on the e-commerce strategy by itself. This strategy does not require any security.
  • Don’t share your bank’s overview details with anyone. Your bank account and any compacts that are associated with it are your responsibility.
  • If you feel something dubious and incorrect, kindly reach the police hotline at 1800-255-0000 for Eab Scam or relinquish the summary online at
  • To find more proof of scams, go to or call the hotline for anti-scam at 1800-722-6688.

What is the reason this scam is trending?

There’s a trending story about an untruthful woman being circulated that has sparked this fake story. The story concerns the story of a Singapore resident who was who was lured by a $2 payment and then refunded over $70,000 through an employment scam.

All it required was one click to complete the task, however these easy steps led her to lose over $70,000 in just three days during in the month prior.


In the end as a final verdict, it appears that the Eab Scam is taken over the world in the last few years. Police have advised the public to ensure everything is in order prior to applying for any part-time online job. They warned individuals not to be lured by uninspiring jobs or fake advertisements on social media sites.

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