This article will explain how to make money with blockchain games.

It is likely that you have heard of blockchain technology if you’ve played any games in the last decade. Blockchain technology has been around since 2008, and it has gained popularity due to its promises of transparency and security.


The three fundamental principles that underlie blockchain as a whole are:

These are the three core principles of blockchain technology, which Satoshi Nakamoto introduced in his 2008 Bitcoin whitepaper.

Blockchain is a distributed database that stores transactions. Blockchain is a method of storing data that is publically available, secure, immutable and transparent.

Three Principles of Blockchain

These are the three fundamental principles of Blockchain:

The network is not controlled or owned by one person. In contrast to a central system where one party controls all data and transactions, a decentralized system allows each user to access their own copy of the ledger, and is responsible to keep it up to date.

Nature is decentralized in all blockchain technologies. Some blockchain technologies are decentralized by nature, but others are more decentralized (see Consensus Algorithms).

Transparent: Information cannot be altered or deleted once it is recorded on a blockchain ledger. It is therefore immutable and transparent. Anyone can access it at any time, without the need for permission from an intermediary or authority.

It is immutable. A record stored on a blockchain can’t be altered or tampered with. Because of its cryptographic hash function, any alteration would result in a completely new hash value. This is different from the previous one that is stored in other copies.

What makes Blockchain Games different?

All decisions in a traditional game are made by a central authority. Everything, from game balance to art assets, is under the control of the company that made it.

Although the game might look and feel different for each player, it is still the same product regardless of where it was purchased or from whom it was received.

Blockchain games are unique because they don’t have a central administrator. No one entity is in control of everything.

Crypto Legends – This is a trading card game in which you collect different blockchain cards that can be used to challenge other players. Your ranking increases the more battles won. You earn rewards every time you win a fight. These can be in the form crypto tokens or coins that you can use to purchase more cards. Bonus points can also be earned by completing tasks or missions that the game developers offer. This is not only fun, but it also allows you to make money playing the game.

Ethereum Empire – Another blockchain trading card game, this allows users to collect Ethereum-based cards and play against other players via its online platform. This game has one goal: to build an Ethereum Empire through smart investment by purchasing and selling different types ETH cards at every turn.

Blockchain Cuties – This is yet another cryptocurrency-themed video game based on collectible pets called Cuties! Before you can start playing this addictive and fun app, you must register at least one account. Each cute little creature has its unique set of characteristics such as fur color, eye color, etc.


MakerDAO was established by Rune Christensen in 2015. It is located in Zug, Switzerland. It is a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO), which is responsible for the Dai stable currency system. MakerDAO makes use of blockchain technology to enable users to create and manage digital assets via smart contracts through its platform.

You will need MKR tokens to access certain MakerDAO features. If you wish to use the native cryptocurrency of this ecosystem as collateral for loans against Ether holdings, or if you need them to be converted into USD-pegged stable currencies like DAI tokens or PETH tokens at a 1:1 rate respectively, then MKR tokens are your best option. These tokens can be purchased on exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase Pro, or you can keep them until they reach full value within the system.

Gods Unchained

First, you should know that God’s unchained is a game of cards.

Each player is given a god card that allows them to summon creatures onto their battlefield. Each player has a hand full of cards that they can use to summon creatures or cast spells. You can destroy your opponent’s god while they are trying to do the exact same thing for you.


Etheremon is a great place to start if you want to make money gaming.

You can train, catch and fight Etheremon in this decentralized game. Etheremon can also be bought and sold. This platform offers three different ways to make money.

  • Etheremons can be caught and sold.
  • You can fight other players using your Etheremons.
  • You can collect shards, which are useful for evolution.


Cryptopop allows you to trade, buy and sell digital collectible characters. You can play the game for free on Steam, or directly from Cryptopop’s website.

There are many ways to find new characters:

  • They can be purchased through the store with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can also earn them by completing quests within the game.
  • You can also combine two characters to create a new character using special breeding tokens. These tokens are available only in limited-edition bundles through Cryptopop.

Make Money from Blockchain Games

You can make money with blockchain games, but it all depends on the game and how much you invest in it. There are three main ways to make money: trading, battling, breeding and selling assets with other players.