With the increase in population and traffic, the E-bikes and E-scooters came out as the best solution to the last mile problem. Micro-mobility is in demand. The term last mile is derived from telecommunication but it is increasingly used in transportation now. Commuters prefer E-bikes and E-scooters to commute from their starting destination to the transport hubs (i.e. railway stations, bus depots, and ferry berths), or from the transport hubs to their final destination. With time people are realising how easy and fast E-bikes and E-scooters are. But people are confused about whether to choose e-bikes or e-scooters. The answer to this question depends on the personality, priorities and preferences of a person. 

Velocity and Distance Factor

Electric scooters are lightweight and small as compared to Electric Bikes. Electric bikes have heavy batteries and a powerful motor on the other hand Electric scooters have smaller batteries and smaller motors to keep them lightweight. Due to small and less powerful motors, the speed is comparatively less in E-scooters similarly the range is also less. Those who are required to cover more distance can prefer e-bikes to e-scooters.

Electric Bikes vs. Electric Scooters: Which one suits you?


People carrying E-scooters are a common sight in metros these days. E-scooters are easy to carry. The foldable version of e-scooters can easily be fit under tables, beds etc. But the E-bikes are not easy to carry in trains or buses. In case you have less space in your home and office the E-scooter is a clear winner without a single doubt. E-scooters can manoeuvre easily in the traffic whereas bikes can’t do the same. 


As I have already mentioned that the choice depends on personality. I love advanced E-scooters which relatively have the extra range and more speed but it costs some bucks.  Also, E-bikes give classic look and Electric bikes for adults can be bought online. Electric scooters look fancy and give sporty look. E-bikes can be preferred for long distances. Also, read about Local Digital Business.