Elitetac Scam :- About Elitetac Fraud based on product reviews:

To learn more about Elitetac scam, read exclusive Elite-Tac reviews. Learn about the features and feedback of customers.

Are you able to use the torchlight even when the power is off? Have you ever had problems with your torchlight, such as a low light level, a poor battery life, or the torchlight not turning on? Elite-Tac has a solution.

After two years of research at a military base in the United States, Elite-Tac was created. It is a multipurpose device that can be used in four different ways. Let’s examine the details about Elitetac Scam.

Is it efficient and valued?

  • Review of Elite-Tac and its website suggests that it is not a genuine product. Let’s look at the important factors.

About Elite-Tac:

  • Elite-Tac, a Freeze2Trim brand, was established in 2019 to manufacture health products.
  • Buy-elitetac.com sells Elite-Tac and has a horrible 5% trust rank.
  • Website Elite-Tac scored highly on suspicion, threat and malware.
  • The website buy-elitetac has a horrible 27.3% ranking in the business category.
  • Buy-elitetac.com launched on 12/12/2021. It expired in four months and two day.

About Elitetac Fraud based on product reviews:

  • Elite-Tac was ranked 1,389,979 low on Alexa.
  • The legend of Elite-Tac’s inventor is distorted.
  • Elite-Tac can be purchased on many shopping sites, including Amazon, Walmart, Etc.
  • The product was available for purchase starting 4th December 2021.
  • Elite-Tac does not appear on social media.

Short of Elite-Tac

Elite-Tac was created to be an easy but effective alternative to traditional torchlights. The Elite-Tac torch is similar to that used by military personnel.

The Elite-Tac torch is ideal for self-defense, roadside emergencies and in the dark. This torch is the first to be made available in military-grade. Let’s look at Elitetac Scam. You can use it to send SOS signals, which blink at certain intervals to signal for help. There are four zoom modes that can zoom in up to 2,000X.

How do you use it?

  1. You can use Elite-Tac just like a regular torch.
  2. Use strobe mode to blind attackers and disorient them.
  3. To activate SOS signals, use SOS mode,
  4. Rotating the torch head can be used to cover large areas at 250X to 2000X zoom.


  • Buy Elite-Tac at–https://buy-elitetac.com.
  • Original Price–$90.00
  • Discount percentage–50%.
  • Discounted Price–$45.00
  • Material–aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • type–CREE T6 LED chip.
  • One 18650 Battery is Required (not Included with the Order).
  • Length–136mm.
  • Base–26mm.
  • Measurement Head–34mm. This is used to verify Elitetac scam.
  • The Head contains a convex lens.
  • Utility cord –included
  • SOS status–5 SOS modes.
  • Waterproof–IP65.
  • Brand–FREEZE2TRIM.
  • Luminous Flux –2000 Lumen
  • Manufacturer–Elite Tac.
  • Item Weight –5.1 Ounces
  • Package Dimensions –6.06×2.09×1.97 inches
  • Country of Origin –China
  • Item model number–ET1.
  • Package Quantity–1.


  • The multipurpose torch Elite-Tac has multiple modes to suit different situations.
  • It includes zoom options, which is a departure from conventional torchlights
  • It is made from a material that is dust-resistant and waterproof.
  • It has emergency, SOS and survival features
  • Elite-Tac offers low, medium, and high modes


  • The output was less than 1200 lumen according to customer feedback, which is a problem in Elitetac Scam reviews
  • It becomes complicated to operate multiple modes by pressing a power button.
  • It is difficult to find a particular mode because the different modes are arranged in a certain order.
  • If you use a particular mode, you will lose at least 10 seconds of your precious time
  • The Elite-Tac can be used for up to five times on one battery

Customer Reviews:

Twenty-one customers rated the site below-average at 3.2/5 stars. Only 49% of customers gave it 4-star ratings.

Reddit blogs have several posts about the large amount of money used to maintain batteries. Five YouTube reviews received mixed feedback.

Elite-Tac’s lumens are less than 1200, it can only be used for five times on one battery, it costs too much, it isn’t as bright as it claims, etc. You can find the exact torchlight on eBay for $7.99.

Buy-elitetac.com has positive product reviews and is rated 5 stars. These product reviews are not reliable and can be found on buy-elitetac.com. To avoid misleading products, learn more about the legitimacy and origin of a commodity .


Elite-Tac reviews conclude Elitetac scam is a fact. Elite-Tac’s listing for $7.99 torch suggests that it is a duplicate of the item. Buy-elitetac.com also gained bad trust and Alexa ranking. It scored well on phishing profiles. This renders Elite-Tac’s brand untrustworthy. The website, brand, product are therefore unauthentic.