Ensuring Product Quality: A Guide to Safe Transport from Chinese Manufacturers to US Consumers

Commonly, manufacturers or suppliers are responsible for product packaging. The integrity of goods can be breached while transporting for various reasons. The leading ones are long distances or sellers’ desire to save money. As a result, items become unfit for further sending to the end-user. Let’s consider key rules of appropriate shipping from China to the USA to prevent damage to the cargo. 

Proper Packaging and Handling

Insufficient or poor-quality packaging is the main cause of breaking goods during cargo carriage. To avoid this, compliance with these recommendations is vital:

  • Choosing high-end materials. Solid cardboard boxes, wooden cases, and plastic bins are win-win options. 
  • Taking cargo’s type into account. A soft pack is suitable for apparel or home textiles. However, it’s not the best for delivering electronics, utensils, or building materials. 
  • Ensuring extra protection level. Cushion materials, from bubble film to foam inserts, provide additional safety. 

Careful handling while loading/unloading cargo also matters. Sometimes, goods may be lost while shipping, so utilizing insurance seems reasonable.

PartnerTrade or another equally demanded operator guarantees to deliver goods in perfect condition:

  1. Professionals pick up items from the supplier’s warehouse.
  2. They inspect products for defects and packages for reliability. 
  3. If something goes wrong, specialists repackage cargo by agreement with a client. 

Need your items as quickly as possible? Pay attention to the express shipping service taking up about 2-5 business days.

Transportation Conditions

Adequate transportation entails adhering to particular environmental conditions. Temperature fluctuations and extremely low/high humidity can impact some items’ integrity or consumer properties.

With PartnerTrade or other services, you can rest assured of proper conditions in the process of your cargo shipping. This and other reputable 3PL operators partner with world-renowned and reliable transport carriers. Moreover, they do all the paperwork and solve issues for you.