Eritrea Russia Relations The Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations

The growing geopolitical swell has added an additional dimension to Eritrea Relations with Russia. Find out more.

The significance and importance of Russian relations with Russia Eriterian relations has become more relevant with the changing circumstances, particularly in countries such as Norway as well as Canada, Norway United Kingdom, Canada and in the United States.

Eritrea Russia Relations Eritrea Russia relations have been witness to some peculiar aspects of global geopolitical developments. The president of Eriteria Isaias Afwerki has recently been in contact with his Chinese foreign minister, and there was a report that the Eriterian government is trying to avoid the Sanctions by negotiating with Russia. There have been several attempts from Eriteria to be closer to Russia over the last few years.

The Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations

Relations between the Russo-Eriterans were never as vital as Eriteria isn’t a major factor within the diplomatic circles. In during the Cold War as well, Eritrea’s role in Eritrea Russian Relations was not a priority to any major power. But, in the modern world, it has gained importance due to the large countries having relationships with smaller ones.

China has also done the same with many countries , and now Russia may be looking at the same possibilities with Eriteria. Recently the Russian ambassador of the United Nations had member the delegation from Eriteria and demanded help to lift sanctions on Eriteria. United Nations Sanctions on Eriteria.

Anti Eriteria Sanctions according to they are referred to by the Russian minister has been referring to the sanctions, were issued on the United Nations after the reports of human rights violations been reported of an allergenic human rights violations of Eriteria.

The New Dimension of Eritrea Russia Relations

The Sanctions were introduced on Eriteria in 2009, after it was discovered by the Eriterian government is trying to destabilize the governments of the African Union. The Sanctions were introduced in 2011 as well, after Eriteria was accused of harboring terrorists to undermine an African Union. A summit in Adisababa was tried to be shattered from government officials from the Eriterian government. In light of the new dimensions in the relationship between these two countries, Russia is requested to restore normal relationships with Eriteria with Ethiopia, Somalia, and some African Union countries.

The most recent trends in this region have suggested an indication that Eritrea Russia Relations could end the decades of Eriterian isolation from the world scene. The country’s economy is yet another issue which the Eriterian government desperately needs help in order to improve its economy. Two ports are located in Eriteria which could be important in terms of economic and strategic importance to Russia. Eriteria has diplomatic and trade relationships with United Arab Emirates.

There were controversies between both the US and Europe regarding lifting the Sanctions concerning Eriteria. Foreign experts in the field of foreign policy are suggesting that the US might be an additional country to China due to Sanctions.


The normalization of Russian Eriterian relations has led to growth in Eriterian economics and geopolitical landscape. These developments are in the pipeline for Eriteria. In the meantime, there is a sense that the US is also focusing on the growing Eritrea relations with Russia and is working on its potential. For more information, visit Russia In Discussions with Eritrea to Set Up a “Logistics Center in the Red Sea Coast

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