solar power emergency preparedness kit


Essential Things to Keep in Your Survival Bag

What is your plan B for in case something happens, such as the apocalypse? Or, the question is whether you even have a contingency plan ready? If the pandemic has taught us something, it is about the sudden occurrences of events – and how uncertain life is, which is why we need to stay prepared with a survival bag.

While a solar power emergency preparedness kit should be a mandatory part of your survival kit, there are other things that need to be part of your survival kit as well.

The primary reason for having a survival bag ready is that you will be ready for doomsday. Imagine the following scenario – you are looking out of the window and see mass hysteria. What do you do? Where do you run?

Ideally, you will run to your survival bag and get yourself to a safe place.

Here are the things that you need to keep in your survival bag:

Survival Bag

First things first – you will have to decide between a duffle back and a backpack – choose whatever you can carry with ease. Make sure that the bag is waterproof, easy to carry, and durable. Besides, you will also want to ensure that each item in your duffle bag is wrapped in an airtight plastic bag. By doing so, you will diminish the potential risk of having your items get wet or even soggy.

Water & Food

Once you have settled on the perfect survival bag, you must stock it with food and water. Keep the water in easily portable bottles. You can also opt for some kind of water filter, so you don’t consume contaminated water – in case you run out of water bottles.

Make sure that you carry enough food that will last you at least three days. While choosing the food items, you must ensure that the food/ snacks contain sufficient calories and are dense with nutrients and minerals, such as granola bars.

Carry Important Documents

While packing your stuff, you might need to pay special attention to your paperwork, including your identification. Make sure that you have your bank cards as well as medical forms. If you have certain medical conditions, make it a priority to keep your medicines at a place from where they are instantly accessible.

Don’t forget to make a list of all family members by listing their phone number and home address as well. You should never forget to keep cash with you when it comes to documents. In case the bank systems go down, you must have money ready to buy things.

Survival Tools

When it comes to packing a survival bag, you will need to pack your survival tools as well, especially for self-defense, speaking of which, you might want to keep a gun ready to use. Don’t forget to keep a fire starter with you and a torch with strong batteries, which is equally essential for a survival scenario. However, there are other options too when it comes to survival, such as a badass survival knife.