The crypto space will continue growing as long as the demand for cryptocurrency increases and relevant course material that teaches about blockchain technology. There are many courses in this field, such as The Plan by Dan Hollings. These reviews on various platforms can give you a glimpse into the course material. But what should you look for to tell which reviews are credible and helpful?

Source of the reviews

For starters, you should check the source of the reviews. Helpful reviews come from crypto enthusiasts or traders who have gone through the course and have first-hand experience. This is because influences have infiltrated this industry and are used for marketing most crypto course materials and tools. Therefore, you should check the source when reading assessments like dan hollings reviews. This is because it’s the only way to know if your reading is factual and from a learner who interacted with the course.


Transparency is also essential, and you should check it. This is because competition to get subscribers for these courses is stiff. Some crypto trainers hire review writers to write negative reviews to taint competitors’ courses. In addition, some buy positive reviews to hoodwink unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts. Such reviews are anonymous or with fictitious images in most cases. Therefore, you should only use reviews from verified users who have signed up and are either actively learning or are through with the course.


You should also check the reviews’ recency to determine how helpful they are. The crypto space is ever-changing, and information can be outdated in no time. In addition, the course developers add new information and edit some parts. Therefore, something a user complained about might have been corrected within a given time. Skipping a course because of such a negative review will make you lose a chance of gaining from a good crypto course. On the other hand, signing up due to outdated positive reviews puts you at risk of getting a raw deal.


How detailed and comprehensive a review is can help you determine its credibility and usefulness. Brief positive reviews such as “this is an awesome crypto course “isn’t enough. Such reviews can be from someone out to gain from an affiliate link or paid to boost the ratings. You need comprehensive ratings that explain every aspect of the course in detail, thus helping you make informed decisions.

The volume of the reviews

The volume of reviews can help you determine their credibility and the course’s usefulness. Helpful courses with formal assessments have a large volume of reviews from many subscribers. In addition, such reviews comprise the positives with a large number of negatives too. You should check for this feature as you decide on helpful customer reviews on a crypto course.

Crypto space is ever-changing, hence the need for information provided through courses and webinars. You can tell how such courses are helpful through assessments like dan hollings reviews. However, some trainers deploy unorthodox methods, such as buying positive reviews to boost the ratings of their courses. Therefore, it will help if you use the information you have read here to determine useful reviews as you decide on a course to sign up for.