This article will teach you Estonia Wordle. This article explains everything.

What number of wordles have played so far? Have you ever played Worldle? Worldle is a popular word-guessing game that has reached all corners of the globe. Many other word puzzle games have appeared publicly since its launch in January 2022. Worldle, a game that tests your geographic knowledge, is also a good choice. To learn more, read this Estonia Wordle article.

What’s the solution?

Many wordle-inspired games are available, including Poeltl and Herdle. One of them is Worldle with an “L”, where you have to guess country names using the hints that are provided during gameplay. Six guesses were given for the 26th of May game.

It was difficult to find the answer to the 26th of May 2022 Worldle. It was difficult to find the right answer, even though the default mode showed the country’s outline. What is the solution? “ESTONIA” was the answer. It’s a name you might not have heard before.

More Estonia Game Answer

Because of their simple gameplay, word games are enjoyed around the globe. It was difficult for daily players to guess the 125th answer in the Worldle game.

It was suggested by the hints that it might be a country in Europe with seven letters. This is known for dense woods and the letter E. Do not be surprised if you are the first to hear the name. You can also question how much time you spent in geography classes. Estonia Wordle surprised many players. After a lot of nerve-racking guessing, it’s likely you will never forget this name.

How do you play Worldle?

Wordle is a similar game to wordle. But what about Worldle? Worldle (L), a similar game of guessing, focuses primarily on the names of the countries and not words.

It’s easy to play. Every day, you will be presented with a country name and its silhouette. Six chances will be given to correctly guess the answer. You will get good hints along your way, which is the best part.

it also shows you the distance you have traveled from the country you guess, as shown on the Estonia Game. It will also show you where you need to go to find the answer.

Final Verdict

Summarising, it can be said that our brains were exhausted by the Worldle answer on 26 May 2022. Thanks to this game, we were able to learn the country name, its location, and other details.