Everything you need to know about GoTutor

There are a lot of benefits of having a tutor when you’re a student. Both younger school kids, as well as adult students, can gain something great from this. One-to-one teaching does give the student much more value than sitting in class with multiple others.

There can be some school subjects that seem harder than others for some students and in that case, one-to-one tutoring can benefit. Tutors can be found in many places online but, in this article, we will particularly focus on the website called GoTutor.

GoTutor – all you need to know

GoTutor is an online platform that targets Danish people. The user-friendly platform is rated as being Denmark’s best in terms of finding tutors that can help students with their homework. It’s possible to find a tutor that can help will the following subjects:

·  Mathematics

·  Danish

·  French

·  German

·  Spanish

·  Physics and Chemistry

·  Geography

·  History

·  Physiology

·  Several more subjects

Find a match on the website

On the website gotutor.dk it’s easy to find the right match for the student in need. It works in a simple way where you just fill in the phone number in the request, and you will get a phone call within 24 hours. You can also find a phone number and call GoTutor directly.

How it works

The first step is to get in touch with someone from GoTutor. When you speak with them, you’ll have a chat about what needs and challenges the student has at the moment. This conversation is very important so that the right tutor can be found. Once the needs are identified the right tutor match will be found.

The match must be good between the tutor and the student, to get the most out of the sessions. If the student does not feel like there’s a right match it is of course to change the tutor to someone else.

Once the right match is found, the student and tutor will make a schedule and customize the time together.

After each session, the student can fill out a report on how the session went. This is for being able to follow the process of learning.

Exam help with GoTutor

Another thing students can get help with from this website is preparing for exams. The tutors can help with strategies and help build up the student’s self-esteem so they’re more ready for their exams.