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Exactly How Wood Pallet Recycling Works

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Are you sitting there with too many wood pallets around your facility? Are those wood pellets getting in the way and taking up valuable space? Do you not fully comprehend what’s needed to be done to recycle them properly? Do you not have connections with companies that specialize in recycling them?

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that these wood pallets can be used multiple times. Each one can be reused. Once they’ve been used for their primary purpose, these pallets can be converted into other valuable products. With the right kind of maintenance and attention, these pallets can last for up to 9 uses. A single recycled pallet can end up doing the work of (9) brand new pallets. This means you don’t need to replace it every time. There are also plenty of uses for it beyond its original use. Because of this, there’s no reason to toss it after you are done with it. Come to Verdetrader.com.

With more and more companies looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and become greener as a business, this is one of the areas to do it. Wooden pallets may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to sustainability, but they can be reused so many times that it is a great start.

Problems A Lot Of Manufacturers Face

Wooden pallets are typically used for the receiving of cargo and other shipments. These pallets make it easier to carry cargo in bulk. Once these shipments are accepted, a facility can have a significant buildup of pallets that are just taking up space.


We have a single goal for all of our customers. We want to provide them with the best possible solution to their recycling needs. We strive to provide complete customer satisfaction. We look to solve the unique problems your organization has and provide win-win revenue-sharing arrangements for the final solution.

All wooden pallets are 100% recyclable. Some pallets utilize good material and some have bad material. The majority of pallets are sized (48×40). This is typically the most attractive to a pallet recycler because they are standard sizes. These pallets will typically have the most value attached to them if they are kept in good condition.

What Makes These Wooden Pallets Reusable?

You can get your pallets refurbished back into good condition and make them eligible to be reused once again. A bad pallet has been damaged beyond repair or otherwise cannot be reused. When the wood goes bad, there is no way to refurbish it properly. Thus, when you have bad pallets, there’s no way to extract value out of them. However, you can still get it recycled. We will go ahead and collect all of the material you have including other recyclable materials. We ensure that your materials don’t end up sitting in landfills and that they are used to make useful products to help the environment.