Experts warn of the effects of paracetamol for the heart

Paracetamol is one of the drugs whose regular consumption can affect our heart

The paracetamol one of the drugs that we can most consume throughout our life . And it is that without a doubt, this can benefit our organism in a very effective way. But, in turn, its excessive and frequent consumption can harm the cardiovascular health of our body.

Although it is true that the side effects of paracetamol are less than those of many others drugs , it is also true that if we think that it has no contraindications we can seriously harm our health .

One of the things that will be affected the most by the regular and excessive consumption of this medicine is our heart. This is one of the most important organs in our entire body, not to mention the essential organ that we must take care of throughout our lives.

The heart is in charge of carrying blood to the entire organism and nourishing our arteries with the necessary blood flow to survive.

For this reason, we must take care of cardiovascular health since we are young. Since once we have problems with it, we may never again enjoy a good functioning of the heart.

In this case, experts warn of the risks of consuming paracetamol frequently. And is that this can harm our cardiovascular health.

How does paracetamol affect the heart?

From the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products ( AEMPS ), warn that the side effects of paracetamol are all those that come in its leaflet. Such as malaise, low blood pressure (hypotension) and increased levels of transaminases in the blood.

Although it is true that the use of paracetamol has not yet been related to a worsening of cardiovascular health, they should be avoided its excessive consumption in the elderly or with heart problems.

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