Face Mask Cop Sirim Features and benefits of the Mask

This is the news about the need for a new mask to protect people in 2023 using Face Mask Cop Sirim.

Are you looking for the best mask that will reduce the chance of taking unsafe precautions? Are you interested in the latest Mask that has been tested by international labs and is safe? Find out more about this product below!

Many people from Malaysia searched for the latest Mask that was certified and tested by large companies. The Mask also follows the International standard for product maintenance and research.

Learn more about the benefits and protections provided by the face mask cop Sirim in difficult times of infectious environments.

Specifications for the product

QAS manufactures and supplies the SIRIM facemask on the international market. This mask helps to protect society during times of industrial pandemics. As it is capable of performing on large-scale respiratory standards, the product’s quality has been regularly certified as healthy.

The product in the nonmedical trade was deemed relevant and superior quality in April 2022. The domestic trade and consumer affairs departments have confirmed it. The product would be released on the 4th of July 2022.

Let’s learn more about the environmental benefits of face mask Cop Sirim.

Features and benefits of the Mask

Because of its immense value, the new SIRIM Mask is made locally and exported to International Trade. These are some of the benefits that were highlighted during the survey:

  • The Mask made from local ground is cheaper to produce and can be used as a budget-friendly product for all citizens.
  • The Mask is an economically and environmentally-safe product.
  • The PPE rates it 9 for quality.
  • They are easily disposed and can compete in the national trade at a higher level.
  • It doesn’t contract with airborne particles.
  • The Face Mask Copier Sirim is ideal for complete respiratory care and health maintenance.

How to Wear

  • The Mask can be used as a thin sheet underneath the respiratory cover.
  • A person can double The Mask and wash it with regular soapy water.

Why are the SIRIM masks in fashion?

In the labs, the Mask’s sustainability was tested. It protects the user from industrial pollution and disinfection in everyday life, according to international standards.

The Sirim mask can now be made on a large scale. Local vendors have also been supplied by the PPE industry.

FAQ about Facial Mask Cop Sirim

Q- Can the Mask be purchased in local shops?

The Mask will be made available in every local shop and online portal after the production is complete in July.

Q- Does it contain top-quality fabric

A: Yes. After being tested in the laboratory and certified, the Mask can be used to protect against the inflammable air.


We would like to conclude by stating that the Sirim mask was certified by QAS and approved by the MSK for safety. To maintain the standard quality, the competitive marks offer better industrial and healthcare prevention results.

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