Badminton, a racket game that is somewhat similar to tennis, is played with a shuttlecock and racket. It is usually played by two to four players on a rectangular court.

It is located in the middle and divides the court into two equal sections. The net is where players aim to get the shuttle across and make sure it doesn’t land on their side.

Badminton is just like any other sport. Every player should have the right equipment, no matter whether he’s playing in a domestic match or international match.

Badminton gear consists of a racket that weighs approximately 100 grams, a shuttlecock made of various materials such as synthetic materials and goose feathers and weighs between 4,74 and 5.50 grams. A net is placed in the middle court.

Badminton can be played in three forms:

  • Badminton Singles
  • Doubles Badminton
  • Badminton Mixed Doubles

Badminton History

Badminton was created around two thousand years ago. It has a rich history. Many believe that it has roots in India, China, and ancient Greece. After some research, we discovered that badminton was actually originated in India. It was played in ancient times by Shuttlecock and Battledore.

It was born in Pune, India and was named Poona. This sport attracted the attention of British officers stationed overseas in India in the 1860s. It remained popular among British expatriates until 1870. This sport was later renamed badminton in 1887 after the Duke of Beaufort.

The English started playing the sport following the Indian rules. In 1893, the Bath Badminton Club, which was the first badminton club, changed the rules and standardised them according to British ideas. The All England Open Badminton Championships was even organized by them in 1898.

BWF (Badminton world Federation) was established on 5th July 1934. It has nine members, which include Canada, England, Wales and the Netherlands. BWF has 198 members today.

Badminton Facts

These 20 facts will amaze you about badminton

  1. Badminton is the fastest racket game in the world.
  2. Badminton is second in popularity worldwide, after soccer.
  3. Badminton shuttlecocks can be made from the left-wing goose feathers.
  4. The strings of the badminton racket were replaced by animal gut in ancient times.
  5. The All England Open Badminton Championship is the name of the oldest tournament in the world. It was established in 1898.
  6. In 1992, the Olympics introduced Badminton as an official Olympic sport.
  7. The majority of international badminton players are from Asia.
  8. In Pune, India, Badminton was born.
  9. Ti Zan Ji, a sport that was played in China before badminton was invented, was originally played with the feet.
  10. Badminton is more intense than tennis.
  11. The total number of feathers in a badminton shuttlecock is 16.
  12. You can burn approximately 300 calories by playing badminton for one hour.
  13. Kansas City Museum is home to the world’s largest shuttlecock. It is 48 times bigger than a regular shuttlecock and weighs in at 2,500kg.
  14. To date, the title of Thomas Cup has been won only by China, Indonesia and Japan.
  15. The Uber Cup saw the shortest badminton match ever played, with six minutes between Ra Kyung-min from South Korea and Julia Mann from England.
  16. Sun Jun of China and Peter Rasmussen from Denmark fought the longest match in history, lasting 124 minutes.
  17. A shuttlecock can weigh between 4.74 and 5.50 grams.
  18. In 1887, the first badminton club was founded. It was called the “Bath Badminton Club”. It was replaced in 1893 by the Badminton Association of England.
  19. BWF (Badminton World Federation), is the governing body for badminton. It was founded on 5 July 1934 by nine members.
  20. Today, BWF has 198 members.

Final Words

Badminton is a popular and fast-growing sport. Badminton has a long and rich history, with its roots in ancient India, China and Greece.