Final Fantasy XI Playable Races

Final Fantasy XI first released in 2002. 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of its release. Square Enix chose a new website for the anniversary celebrations. The website, “We Are Vana’Diel”, features a countdown that allows players to track the anniversary. It displays the details of the anniversary celebration and the date.

The game’s producer stated in a post that Final Fantasy XI fans would be able to play the game in a new setting thanks to the engaging platform.

To share stories from adventurers who have lived with Final Fantasy for twenty years, the mission of the website is to inspire the next generation of adventurers through the FFXIV universe. Producer also said that the website is the journey of all adventurers. Through “We Are Vana’Diel”, everyone involved in the game, from operators to developers, as well as players who log on every day for over 20 years will be honored.

The website’s content is currently available in English and Japanese. You can view various volumes of artwork in the built-in gallery to show the essence of the game as art. There are new volumes that will discuss all aspects of the game. Any information found in the history section can be shared directly with family and friends via social media handles.

To discuss all aspects of the website, there are additional components such as “We Discuss Vana’Diel”, “We Illustrate Vana’Diel,” or “We Remember Vana’Diel”. The website features a timeline that includes all events, from Final Fantasy XI’s beta testing to the present.

You will get behind-the scenes insight and commentary to see what’s been going on in the background. Producer of the game says that the timeline will include player-oriented events so players can see them from their perspective. This will give new players a chance to discover more about Final Fantasy XI and how it performed over time.

Story Missions

It will give players access to new equipment and items after the main storyline is completed. Final Fantasy XI’s story revolves around three gate guards that will assign quests to you. You can improve your nation rank by completing more missions.

Although the stories of each Final Fantasy title are unique, almost all feature a final boss you’ll fight once you reach player rank six. Final Fantasy XI’s new expansion, “Rise of the Zilart”, offers new perspectives on the stories of all the countries in the game.

You can customize your character at the beginning of the expansion pack by selecting everything, from race and gender to body type. You can choose to move to any of the three cities that you want later.

You can also find quests for the main story from non-playing characters and cities. Each expansion adds new twists and turns to the story. After completing these missions, you will be awarded with rewards like ranks, items and access to new areas. You also get advancements in your story.

After the main storyline is over, there are separate quests that players can explore. The fame system changes how NPCs interact with your character. Side quests can increase your fame and provide other benefits. It is the official currency in FFXI. Earning it can be difficult, but you have the option to purchase ffxi gil at a best price.

Playable Races

There are five races to choose from, including Humes, Galka, and others. The Humes class, located in the Gustaberg wastes, is the most well-known race in the game. The class does not have any special abilities, but it has almost the same abilities in all aspects. They have quickly spread all over the world due to their adaptability to any environment. They are the largest of all the races.

Galka is the second best class, but their story is quite sad. They fled their homelands after being attacked by Anticans centuries ago. Galka is a large race with imposing physical features. Their final destination was Bastok, where they were given the title of second class citizens.

Galkas are all male and use reincarnation as a way to multiply their numbers. They are blessed with the sinful rage, despite their good health and vitality.

Job System

Final Fantasy XI offers a variety of jobs. You don’t need to worry about your character or class when you are applying for a job. You can change your job by going to the indicated location on the map.

To unlock the most advanced jobs, you must work your way up to level 30. You will only have six jobs at the beginning. You are given certain abilities and traits when you pick a job. These traits and abilities can be improved by working hard. Once you reach a certain level, magic scrolls will allow for faster results and better results.