Finartmedia Review: What’s technical and fundamental analysis?

Review by Finartmedia: It can be difficult to trade the forex market. Forex market traders must be alert due to the volatility and large volume transactions. The constant fight between forex analysts is more controversial.

While some prefer to use fundamental analysis for taking decisions, others prefer technical analysis. Finartmedia offers technical analysis tools and charts as plug-ins.

This article will focus on technical and fundamental analysis, as well as how they can be tailored to different trading needs. Continue reading to learn more.

What’s technical and fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis examines the factors that influence stock prices and future investment returns, such as the impact of government policies. Fundamental analysis evaluates the influences on stock prices and investment value in the future, e.g. management, market movements, financial statements, and many other factors. This reflects the intrinsic values of any firm-either the