If only fluency in English is not the most important skill to learn in today’s world. English is the international language and regardless of your background, or ethnicity, you have to have at least the basic skills in English. Learning any new language is hard but what is harder is knowing exactly where to start. 

You might be looking for a good tutor offline and even if you find one it is always hard to match the schedule, timing, payment, transportation, and whatnot. So why not opt for online-based professionals to learn English? 

It is fast, more efficient, and customizable and the best part is you can learn English right from your English. If it is online English courses or classes, you are looking for and not sure how or what to choose you are in the right place. 

Be sure to check out these online English classes and native speakers courses online.

Here are five places to begin studying English online-

British Council

You must have heard of the British Council; the British Council is one of the most popular foundations for teaching English all over the world. They are associated with the University of Cambridge and many universities worldwide. You can pick from their vast programs and courses. They have English courses, podcasts, grammar and vocabulary sections, business and academic English, diverse skill teaching sections, exams, quizzes (whenever you need them), etc. You can also take IELTS prep and attend live online classes. The IELTS courses in the British Council start from $250-350 depending on your location and they offer many free courses online.


FluentU is another popular website that offers English courses under professional guidance. It is a video-based and multimedia-induced site that offers you videos and flashcards for learning English. FluentU offers not only English courses but also nine more language courses. They offer you the best articles in foreign languages, based on movies, shows, motivational speeches, and podcasts. You can even take your IELTS prep at Fluent and if using a website seems like a bit of too much work, you can use the FluentU app and have your courses on the go. FluentU offers a fourteen days prep and starts from $29.99 per month. 

Future Learn

Future learn is an online-based platform offering English courses directly from professionals. It is a blog-based website that has courses categorized by time and content. They have linguistic courses, a q/a section that will answer the questions you have, IELTS courses and you can even earn micro-credentials and an online degree. Earring a degree online, how cool is that? If you are a teacher, not a learner reading this article, then the good news for you is that you can teach on Future Learn! They have a 7-day free trial, and they start from $27.99 a month.


Udemy. Inc is a massive, one of the biggest for-profit skill-sharing platforms available currently. They have tens of thousands of courses online, from which it is a little hard to pick. And no surprise at all, they offer language courses for different languages. As an English learner, you should go for their categorized courses like English pronunciation, grammar, listening and writing skills, as well as speaking skills and an English language course in general. Udemy has both free and paid courses but most of them are free. And they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all courses.


Coursera is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) course that was founded by two Stanford University professors in 2012. You can learn high-quality English right here with efficiency. Since it is a MOOC course it means it will take less of your time, for example, if you are preparing for a quick improvement/upgrade in your CV. You can have courses as slow or fast as you want according to your preference. Each of their courses has instructional videos with subtitles, followed by quizzes and exams. You can obtain degrees here at Coursera. They have both free and paid programs, starting from $59 per month.


Thanks for tagging along with us till the end. We hope that our article will help you solve your dilemmas regarding finding English courses online and you will hopefully find the best-suited course for you. Learning any skill is hard and it is especially hard when it comes to language learning. 

Why? Well, because it is language learning, what else? No, what we meant is learning tons of words, new alphabets(maybe), memorizing grammar rules, etc. 

But you have to do it to make it more fun, colorful and make the learning according to your liking. Only then it will not seem like a hassle but a fun process. Good luck.

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