Five Questions to Ask Before Buying CBD Oil

CBD, or Cannabidiol is consistently gaining popularity as research unleashes incredible wonders of the said Cannabinoid. CBD can heal through interactions between various parts of your nervous system and body’s endocannabinoid system. When shopping for CBD oil products, there may be many choices; not every purchase may be worth your while. A huge plethora of products varies widely in different aspects, and it’s critical to pick just the right product.

The following is a comprehensive CBD buying guide to help you shop for CBD products like a pro. When you go to buy CBD products, make sure to ask your retailer the following questions.

What Is the Source Of CBD?

A layman won’t realize that hemp and marijuana aren’t the same. CBD can be derived from both of them. However, as a buyer, you must be informed about the sources of CBD. Marijuana extracts are way more psychoactive than hemp extracts. We recommend buying CBD made from industrial hemp if you’re considering it for medical purposes.

Which Extraction Method Is Used?

Most users are aware that different extraction methods are used to manufacture CBD products; surprisingly, they make a huge difference. All extraction methods involve different solvents. Some are cheaper and harmful to your health, while others are pricier but safer for users. Familiarizing yourself with different extraction methods and learning whether the method is safe matters greatly.

Is it a Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD Product?

Step one of purchasing the appropriate CBD product is determining what kind of product best meets your needs. There are three categories of CBD products – full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate. Therefore, always confirm whether the product is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate, and feel free to ask questions about the product.

Is The Product Third-Party Tested and Guaranteed?

Encounters with fraudulent sellers in the flourishing CBD market make you realize the importance of getting third-party tested products only. Make sure to inquire about whether the products you’re going to buy are third-party tested and guaranteed or not. If you find out that the products have not been subjected to proper testing by a third party, it’s a big red flag, as reputable sellers always consider getting their products tested. Also, your seller ought to be transparent and open about the contaminants and other defects the tests expose.

What is the THC %?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound in the hemp plant responsible for producing a “high.” In many regions, CBD products are legally required to contain less than 0.3% THC to be classified as hemp-derived and non-intoxicating. Knowing the THC percentage in CBD oil ensures you get a legal product. Always look for products with transparent lab reports that provide information about THC content.

Final Thoughts

When you buy CBD products, you ought to be even more cautious about various aspects of the product. You can also buy through coupons and offers, but remember that being a vigilant buyer can keep several risks at bay.