Five Reasons to Switch Your Major

One of the most difficult parts of your education is choosing the subject to major in. There’s always a lot of pressure connected to picking a major. You’ve been told how important it is, and that your future career relies on it. And while it is mostly true, certain aspects of your college years are not taken into account. 

Your college years are the first steps in adult life, and we make a lot of mistakes when we make our first steps. The academic requirements may turn out to be too hard for you. And as a result, you start lagging behind your peers. It’s also possible that you will have problems with paying your tuition or rent while studying, leading you to take odd jobs.

There is also another issue, which is study/work balance. Quite often, you may have to skip your classes to finish some work. Yes, you can use some do my assignment services, which will free you from certain aspects of your studies. But such services won’t solve all of your problems. Your studies are not just about writing essays and research papers, after all. 

Finally, a lot of things change during your four to five years in college. Your career goals and aspirations change as well. And you no longer want to major in the subject that you chose. But with all that importance of the major, you think that you are bound to graduate with it. However, it’s totally fine to change your major. Just consider your reasons for that. 

Academic Struggles

If you cannot accomplish something, try harder. Failing in something means that you didn’t work hard enough. It’s a common belief that you should struggle to achieve something. Be it academic or career success, it is mostly true. However, quite often you may just be in the wrong place. It is possible that you’ve picked the wrong major. 

Struggling to get good grades in your major is an obvious red flag. But you continue working hard to get those grades. You believe that you are not working hard enough. Unfortunately, we cannot always be sure whether we are cut out for something until we try it. And major is no exception in this case. 

Not being successful in your major doesn’t mean that you are not working hard enough. It doesn’t mean that you are not smart enough either. It is possible that you’re not fit for the subject. If you have a creative mind, you surely will struggle with rigid fields of study. And that’s a legit reason for switching your major. It’s not a defeat, but an opportunity to find something better. 

Lack of Happiness

When you’re picking a major, you’re deciding on your prospective career. Unfortunately, if you’re unhappy with your major, it’s highly unlikely that you are going to be happy with your future workplace. Again, the pressure of the idea that a major is important, and that you’re not working hard enough comes full force. But you shouldn’t let it get to you. 

If you hate chemistry, you’re not going to be successful in it. In case, your business-related subjects cause nothing but boredom, your career in business administration won’t excite you. Don’t force yourself into doing or studying something that you hate. If studies in your major don’t bring you joy and satisfaction, ditching them in favor of something else is the most logical decision. 

Not Related to Your True Calling

It is believed that we select a subject to major in on our own. But let’s be fair, quite often parents pressure their kids to get a degree in the subject that seemingly guarantees success. But, trying to get a law degree, when you are passionate about creative writing, is simply ignoring your true calling. And you will never be happy with your career. 

Regardless of what your parents believe, you shouldn’t ignore something that you’re naturally good at. Majoring in a subject that is not your true calling is like trying to be someone you’re not. And that means that you’re going to start a career that you don’t like. So, it’s better to switch majors while you can. 

Discovering a Hidden Talent

You cannot be sure about who you want to be when enrolling in college. Some students know exactly what career they won’t, and they pick a major based on their aspirations. Other students select a major based on the limited information that they have on it, or because they were advised to take it. But they will figure out who they want to be much later. 

If you are reluctantly studying finance, and suddenly find a hidden talent, which is not related to your major, you should pursue it. It is absolutely okay to switch your major when you find something that you are really passionate about. College allows you to decide your career path. And you can change your major based on your decision. 

Exploring Other Options

Thinking that you know for sure what your life will be like in several years is unrealistic. You’ve picked a major based on whatever reasons you had at that moment, but does it mean that you should stick to it till graduation? You may have been pressed to make a decision. But have you explored other options? 

Even if you are fine with your current major, you can learn about other subjects that you can major in. And if something seems appealing to you — try it out. Switching a major based on the fact that you find a different field more interesting is not a big deal. Moreover, it’s normal to do so. 

Reasons Not to Switch Your Major

Following your aspirations or recently discovered talent is absolutely normal. However, sometimes your reasons for switching a major can be misguided. Changing a major based on them may make things worse. 

  • You’re not ready to leave college
  • You dislike a professor or course related to your major
  • Changing to a major that won’t impact your post-graduation goals

If you are not ready to leave college, you can seek other options, like post-graduation programs. Picking another major will just take more time and money. Disliking a professor or a course is also a weak reason. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that another major won’t have the same drawback. And if the major has no impact on your post-graduation goals, it means more student loans are in vain. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know five legit reasons to switch your major. However, changing a major doesn’t always require an explanation or reasoning. It’s absolutely okay to change the subject you’re majoring in if your instincts tell you so, or simply because you want to.