Flo Og Strain Review: Where can I buy this cannabis in the US

If you don’t like syllables, the strain is known as “Floog”. It is easy to fall in love with the strain after your first puff. It is a great choice for anyone who enjoys the classic strains’ pungent aromas and lime-green glow. Rare Dankness, Colorado-based breeders crossed OG Rare Dankness #1 with Flo to create it.

The breeder claims that the flavorful strain boasts a minty-fresh floral flavour with floral overtones and a soft hash aroma. The buds will have fluffy, auburn-colored hairs and a bronze-colored trichomes coating. This variant has Indica dominance, a compact and resistant structure that gives growers a large harvest.

Is It Good for You?

FLO is a delightful mix of OG, FLO, which gives you the delicious scents of fruitiness, hash and bits of menthol. After inhaling, you will experience an exotic solid taste. This is a great choice for daytime smokers as it helps keep the head clean and keeps you awake.

The terpene-heavy taste is a great feature that most people love. The terpene-heavy flavor can break through bong water or tar-filled roach, but still leaves a wonderful aftertaste. You will feel constrained by the skunky, rubbery smoke clouds.

Terpene Profile

  • Humulene – 0.23%
  • Limonene – 0.23%
  • Linalool – 0.388%
  • Sabinene – 0.15%
  • Total terpenes content – 0.99%

Smoking Experience

Because of its immediate effects, weed is very popular. It is a functional Indica, which stimulates the brain and gives you a clearheaded feeling of euphoria. It will improve your mood, and increase your energy. It is an Indica strain, but it will not interfere with your ability to think. You will feel more alert and it is perfect for morning smoking.

Because they are awakened and focused, smokers feel creative. Smoking for too long can cause sedation and sleep. If you are feeling tired, a few puffs of nicotine will soothe and relax you. It has a positive and energetic effect on the brain, but doesn’t cause anxiety or inattention.

The strain’s caressing rubbery, high-quality sweet stank and memorable high will immediately impress you once you hit it for the first time.

Some people claim that Flo OG’s 50/50 high is too popular, but this is false. This balanced buzz is great for morning smoking or evening relaxation. The Kush is a great choice for novice and experienced users. It’s not a good idea to smoke marijuana in the morning, especially if you don’t know how your body reacts. You can pair it with a cup coffee if you absolutely must.

The euphoria and creativity that marijuana can bring can lead to a deep sleep. The strain can benefit people with muscle spasms, hypertension, Migraines, post-traumatic disorder, and hyperactivity/attention-deficit disorder.

Sidekicks such as dry mouth, thirst, paranoia and panic attacks are common in hypersensitive smokers.

Flo OG is a friendly variety for growers. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. This is a photoperiod variety of cannabis that can be grown in small and large sizes, between 30-60 inches. According to reports, the plants can flower for an average of 60 days. After 68 days, the plants can be harvested.

It is easy to locate its seeds. Cloning it might prove difficult. It is possible to either start a new plant or grow it from seeds. You can also buy it if you’re too lazy to do all of that.

Where can I buy this cannabis in the US

Online shopping has been the best choice. Online stores offer great weekly and daily deals all across the USA.

These are some of the most sought-after options:

  • Drift
  • Groundswell
  • House of Dankness
  • River Rock Dispensaries

The majority of packages contain visible lime-green cannabis buds. These glow in every jar, bottle, and bag that have had the pleasure to pack them. The Indica label will be attached to the packages, but the buds will be taller, wispier, open, and more dense than usual.

To ensure that you are buying online from a legitimate site, make sure to read customer reviews. You might fall for fraudsters trying to take your money. All legit websites offer reputable banking options, professional support and a clear policy regarding refunds.


Flo OG is still a popular choice for many smokers, and can be found in pot shops. Because of its calm brain high, most people choose it over other options. It leans more towards Indica but we believe it belongs somewhere in between. It is best to take it slow, especially for first-timers. Do not smoke for prolonged periods of time. Although the high may be relaxing, it doesn’t last as long. It stimulates your brain more than it will muck. You might find yourself watching TV a lot more than you should.