Foods that help reduce the blood glucose spike

All people, in general conditions, must control our diet , to avoid an excess of glycemia , cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood . And it is that this type of substances can be especially harmful to health when they are present in high levels .

Thus, people with diabetes must further control the food they eat, to achieve a balance of glycemia levels (blood glucose) as healthy as possible. To do this, it is key to avoid the intake of fast absorbing simple sugars.

Diabetes is a disease characterized by low production or use of insulin by the body. As insulin is a key substance for the absorption of glucose by cells, this type of people is more prone to the increase in glucose more quickly than other people.

Foods to lower blood glucose peaks

One of the best options to reduce blood glucose peaks in the body is to choose foods rich in fiber. In this sense, the integral alternatives of bread, rice or pasta are always more recommended for people with diabetes. If possible, it is appropriate that they are 100% integral.

Pan integralWholemeal bread

On the other hand, in the case of fats, it is always appropriate to opt for healthy fats, which are better digested in the body. Some foods that provide healthy fats are olive oil, oily fish or avocado.

In another vein, it is common for people to snack between meals, a habit that can sometimes be harmful and can lead to weight gain. Thus, to snack in the morning and avoid an increase in blood glucose in the body, it is advisable to take a handful of nuts or a toast of whole wheat bread with a slice of turkey.

It is always advisable to choose healthy foods that help to control correctly the levels of glucose in the blood .

Are fruits beneficial for glucose control?

Generally, fruits are a type of food that is associated with a healthy life. Whenever we talk about a balanced and healthy diet, fruits have an important role. What's more, the World Health Organization (WHO) itself recommends eating at least five pieces of fruits and vegetables every day.

However, regarding the control of glycemia levels in the body, it is necessary to clarify a number of aspects.

First, we must know that fruits contain sugars, although it is a simple sugar, as it is a combination of fructose, glucose and sucrose. Therefore, initially, this sugar would cause a high glycemic peak after consumption.

However, because the f routes are also rich in natural fiber and contain a significant amount of water in their composition, that sugar is not absorbed at the same speed.

In short, there is a great variety of fruits with different glycemic indices. Those with a lower glycemic index are plums, cherries or apples; while watermelon, pineapple or melon have a high glycemic index.