The appearance of the teeth is one of the physical factors that matters most to the population in Spain. For this reason, in recent years there has been an increase in treatments aimed at improving the morphology of teeth with orthodontics and other therapies.

Keep in mind that orthodontics are also necessary to improve oral health and key aspects such as bite. Although, an element that also matters to many people is showing white teeth.

In this sense, in recent years the dental whitening treatment has increased considerably in dental clinics.

Although the professionals at the 'Álvaro y Franco Dental' clinic explain that it is important to follow a lifestyle that favors keeping healthy teeth. whites. And in this aspect, dental hygiene plays a leading role. But food is also relevant.

Foods that help whiten teeth

There are foods that, due to their properties, help to whiten teeth naturally. That is, by consuming the following foods we will have more possibilities of showing off some teeth with gleaming white:

  1. Apples: The apple is a fruit with great benefits for the body in general, but its texture also stimulates cleansing of the teeth and the secretion of saliva. In general, all vegetables rich in fiber help to have whiter teeth.
  2. Dairy products: These are foods that contain lactic acid, a nutrient that helps balance the pH of the mouth. In addition, they provide a significant amount of calcium, a fundamental mineral for oral health.
  3. Dark chocolate: The superior chocolate to a 70% purity is beneficial for preserving tooth enamel.
  4. If you are one of the people who pays special attention to oral health and to having white teeth, eating this type of food on a regular basis will be beneficial.

    Foods that stain teeth

    Likewise, the professionals at ‘Álvaro y Franco Dental‘ point out that there are also different groups of foods that can have the opposite effect on teeth. that is, they can stain them or reduce their whitish color.

    cafe ganas ir bañoCoffee

    In addition, other factors also influence the deterioration of the natural white color of the teeth, such as smoking tobacco cigarettes.

    Some of the foods that stain teeth the most are vegetables and fruits with intense colors, such as cherries, beets, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries. After eating this type of food, it is advisable to carry out adequate oral hygiene.

    Acidic foods are harmful to tooth enamel if not counteracted with other fruit shakes, such as watermelon, apple or pear. In addition, dental experts recommend allowing at least half an hour to brush your teeth after eating acidic foods.

    Tea and coffee are two of the beverages that most affect tooth enamel. Regarding coffee, it contains a high proportion of chromogens, which can vary the natural color of the teeth.

    Finally, energy drinks with a high content of acids and sugars can also stain teeth, as happens with wine, both red and white.

    Thus, paying attention to our diet is essential for the natural color of our teeth, in addition to performing proper oral hygiene after each meal.

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