Football Shoes 101: Football Stud Types & How Does It Boost Performance

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Equipping yourself with the best football shoes and studs is a sure-shot way to increase your performance in football. With multiple innovations introduced in the football boot industry, football shoes have been designed to give players a comfortable stride anytime they step on the turf. 

Football studs are designed to give the football shoe ample traction for a strong stride.

The evolution of studs has brought in significant design advances which allow football studs available on Vessi to act as an anchoring factor in an athlete’s success on the turf. In this article, we discuss the types of football studs and how they work to improve overall performance in an athlete. 

Different Type Of Football Studs 

  1. Firm ground studs 
  • One of the most used football studs, the firm ground studs are innovated for providing the best traction while you move through the grass football turfs. 
  • Firm ground studs have a series of plastic material studs that are placed on the outsole of the football shoe. 
  • They do not affect the feet and can be worn on any field, making them truly versatile and easy to carry. 
  • These football shoes are meant to be worn on firm and balanced turfs and must not be worn on muddy fields as that can affect the balance and cause injuries to the knee joints. 
  • Wearing football studs on multiple playing surfaces increases the chances of the studs wearing down. Spikes are specifically made for firm turfs, and changing the surface can affect the quality of the football studs and the shoe as a whole. 
  1. Artificial ground studs 
  • Artificial ground studs are meant to be worn on artificial and synthetic surfaces that do not have natural grass or mud on them. 
  • They reduce the pressure reaching the joints during the impact with every stride. 
  • The studs in the football shoes ensure that ample traction is achieved with every step you take on the turf. 
  • Artificial ground studs are made from more robust graded plastic that allows the football studs to last longer. 
  • The artificial ground studs are the perfect all-rounder football shoes that you can wear on any surface. 
  1. Soft ground studs 
  • When the going gets tough, you can always rely on the soft ground studs for a perfect match and performance. 
  • The soft ground studs in football shoes are made to be played on muddy wet grounds. 
  • Since the studs are made of metal, they have good durability and better traction as compared to other football studs and football shoes. 
  • In general, soft-ground studs have metal spikes that are heavier and bound with the soleplate in the football shoe. 
  • Avoid using soft ground football shoes with spikes on firm ground, as that can destroy the life of the football shoe. 
  1. Multi-ground football studs
  • Choose specialised football shoes that can be used in multiple turf conditions. 
  • The multi-ground football shoes can be used on both firm grounds and artificial football grounds. 
  • The mix of rounded and blade-shaped spikes in the multi-ground football shoes allows for the best grip and pressure distribution as you run through the grass. 
  • They are prone to wear and tear in the long run because of their generic design. 
  1. Indoor football shoes
  • Indoor football shoes use a flatter sole for better grip on the indoor surface. 
  • The indoor football shoes are designed with rubber outsole for optimum grip on the surface as you play. 

How Does Football Studs Improve Performance On The Field? 

  1. Comfort 
  • It is a proven fact that comfortable football boots with studs improve performance on the turf. 
  • Football shoes that fit perfectly on the feet without any blisters or irritation help improve the athlete’s game on the turf.  
  1. Traction 
  • Football studs on shoes allow for better traction on the field. This allows for better energy wastage and better focus to smash that ball to the back of the net. 
  • Football studs in football shoes ensure that your feet are protected from injuries while you run at full speed across the field. 
  • Good quality football studs enhance athlete performance with versatile performance and long-lasting comfort. 
  1. Confidence 
  • Wearing football studs boosts your confidence on the field, which instantly translates to better performance. 
  • The football shoes you wear control your energy levels while you step into play, and with the best football shoes on your feet, you can conquer the enemy goalpost in style. 
  • A good football shoe boosts your mental confidence, which is a sure-shot way to excel on the court. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How do football studs help in athlete performance on the turf? 

The smaller surface area in the football studs creates a larger pressure in the football shoe which allows for better traction on the field. Players can run a lot quicker without worrying about slipping in the grass. 

  1. How do football shoes help to score more goals? 

Football shoes become the extension of an athlete’s feet. When football shoes fit perfectly, they help the athlete shoot with better accuracy and confidence. The traction achieved through the football studs helps stabilise the body and results in better football shots on target. 

  1. How often should football studs be replaced? 

A general rule of the game is to replace football studs when they start looking short and rounded. Replace football studs when the traction is not felt while running or the studs seem to be stubby. The time to change the football studs depends on the surface you play on and the intensity of the wear. But in general, football studs tend to run anywhere from 6 months to a year. 

  1. Do football studs enhance the power of the shot? 

Football studs in football shoes stabilise your feet on the ground, so you have enough leverage to put full effort on your dominant foot and smash that football to the nets! Enjoy your goal in style with the best football shoes that boost performance. 


Buy football shoes with good quality football studs that fit your feet and are comfortable to play with. The sole and the studs in the football shoe affect performance while you play, and choose football shoes with that in mind. Buy football shoes depending on the type of surface you play football on, as that can increase the life of the football shoe.